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A well-designed swimming pool is more than just a refreshing oasis; it's a masterpiece in your backyard. Every choice, from the layout to the accessories, contributes to the overall aesthetic. But one element that truly stands out and adds a touch of sophistication and vibrancy to your pool is the choice of tiles. Bluwhale Tile proudly presents its latest collection of crystal glass mosaic tiles for swimming pools. These 23x23mm pool tiles come with a unique mix of glossy and matte finishes, giving your pool a distinguished look that's both contemporary and timeless. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to our seven stunning options and explore how these pool tiles can redefine the beauty of your pool.


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#1 Dive into the Blues

Introducing our first jewel of the collection, a 23x23mm square crystal glass tile that plays with an enchanting spectrum of blues. This tile captures the essence of serene, clear waters, immersing your pool area in a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Its remarkable fusion of glossy and matte finishes gives the tile a dynamic surface that dances with the sunlight, creating a play of light and shadows that transforms throughout the day. Whether your vision is a tranquil poolside oasis or a design that harmonizes with the vast blue skies, the ghol1001 is the ideal choice to make your aquatic paradise dreams a reality.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1001

Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1001


#2 A Deeper Dive

If your heart leans towards the profound depths of the ocean, it presents a richer and more profound shade of blue while retaining the 23x23mm square shape. With its lustrous yet matte finish, this tile encapsulates the enigmatic allure of the ocean's hidden mysteries, imbuing your pool with a sense of depth and fascination. For those who aspire to craft a pool design that's intense, dramatic, and full of character, it stands as an excellent choice. Its deeper hue creates a mesmerizing aquatic realm that beckons all to explore its mysteries.


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Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1002


This tile not only beautifies your pool but also offers an opportunity to explore the mesmerizing interplay between light and shadow. The glossy and matte finishes create intriguing visual effects as the sunlight dances across the water's surface, adding a dynamic quality to your pool area. It's a reminder of the fluidity and liveliness that water embodies, making your pool an integral part of the environment it exists within.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1002


So, if you desire a pool that is not just a stagnant body of water but a dynamic and lively part of your outdoor space, the crystal glass tile is your ideal choice. It will imbue your pool area with an enchanting atmosphere, echoing the natural world's harmonious transitions and inviting you to be a part of its ever-evolving story.


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#3 The Aquatic Symphony

The crystal glass tile is an exquisite addition to any pool, offering a stunning 23x23mm square design that is sure to elevate your aquatic paradise. What sets this tile apart is its ability to orchestrate a mesmerizing symphony of blues, a seamless transition from the gentle caress of lighter shades to the profound depths of darker, more enigmatic hues. This captivating effect is achieved through the unique combination of glossy and matte finishes.


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Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1003


As the sun graces your pool area, this tile captures and reflects the ever-changing hues of both water and sky, resulting in an atmosphere of perpetual motion and vivacity. It mirrors the dynamics of natural elements, introducing an exciting sense of movement into your pool's aesthetic. With the crystal glass pool tile, your pool becomes a living entity, perpetually harmonizing with the environment, much like nature's ever-shifting rhythms.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Blue GHOL1003


#4 A Splash of Color

Our crystal glass tile introduces a burst of colors, perfect for those looking to add variety to their pool. With a 23x23mm square shape and mixed glossy-matte finish, this tile embraces a spectrum of colors that will make your pool pop. It's a fun and creative choice for creating a cheerful and lively pool environment.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Color GHOL1004

Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Color GHOL1004


By choosing this pool tile for your pool, you're not simply selecting a tile; you're making a statement. You're expressing a desire for a pool that goes beyond being a static body of water. This tile invites you to immerse yourself in the rhythmic beauty of water, to appreciate its ever-shifting hues under different lighting conditions. From the serene blues of a sunny day to the more profound and mysterious shades of twilight, this tile embodies the essence of nature's fluid artistry.


#5 Aqua Green Bliss

Imagine stepping into your pool, and your senses are immediately enveloped by the soothing embrace of aqua green. The tranquil shades of this tile create an ambiance that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, reminiscent of clear, pristine waters. It's the kind of atmosphere that encourages you to unwind, let go of the stresses of the day, and simply float, bask, and enjoy the moment.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Aqua Green Mixed Blue GHOL1005

Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Aqua Green Mixed Blue GHOL1005


Yet, what sets the crystal glass pool mosaic apart is its play with vibrant blue accents. Just as you feel comfortably settled into the gentle greens, these vivid blues introduce a touch of invigoration. It's akin to a gentle ocean breeze or a dip in cool, refreshing waters on a warm day. The presence of these lively blue elements infuses your pool with a subtle sense of excitement and energy.


#6 Cobalt Dreams

The new crystal glass pool tile, a 23x23mm square masterpiece, celebrates the enchanting allure of cobalt blue. With a striking combination of glossy and matte finishes, this tile achieves a mesmerizing play of light that transforms your pool into a captivating, ever-changing canvas.

The profound cobalt blue hue adds an air of sophistication and depth to your pool, making it a genuinely dreamy and alluring space. As the sun dances on the tile's surface, the glossy and matte interplay adds dimension and movement, creating a pool environment that's not just inviting but also visually stunning. Your pool area will become a testament to the beauty of both art and nature.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Cobalt Blue GHOL1601

Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Mixed Cobalt Blue GHOL1601


#7 A Harmonious Blend

The new glass pool mosaic is a remarkable fusion of aqua green and blue, creating a harmonious mix that adds character to your pool. With a 23x23mm square design and a blend of glossy and matte finishes, this tile provides a perfect balance between tranquility and vibrancy. It's an ideal choice for those who seek a pool design that's both soothing and inviting.

These pool tiles aren't just about aesthetics; they also offer practical benefits. The unique glossy-matte combination enhances slip resistance, ensuring that your pool area is not only beautiful but safe. These tiles are also incredibly durable, able to withstand the rigors of poolside environments, including exposure to water and changing temperatures.


23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Aqua Mixed Green GHOL1701

Featured Product: 23x23mm Square Crystal Glass Aqua Mixed Green GHOL1701


Bluwhale Tile: Your Partner in Pool Design

At Bluwhale Tile, we understand the significance of a well-designed pool. With 17 years of experience as a professional pool tile manufacturer, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products. Our Crystal Glass Mosaic Tiles are a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. We invite you to explore these tiles, experiment with different combinations, and unlock the potential of your pool area.

Transform your pool into a work of art with the versatility of Crystal Glass Mosaic Tiles. Contact us today for samples and begin your journey to a more beautiful and inviting swimming pool. Your dream pool is closer than you think, and Bluwhale Tile is here to help you achieve it.