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With the pool construction almost finished, I bet some of you may see what part can be improved to make the pool more attractive while checking every detail around it and reckon if the waterline can be protected by tiles. To some extent, all pool owners would encounter three problems, that is: What border tiles should we choose? How to install border tiles? In which way can we know replace or just repair it if pool leaking from border tiles? This article is aiming to help you solve these three problems. Let’s start with the selection of border tiles. 

Swimming Pool Border Tiles

Border tiles can be fixed on in-ground or above-ground pools. There are a variety of border tile designs for your choice. You’re possibly trying to make stains unapparent, cover unattractive marks of plaster or just update pool style. Border tiles can be a great decor for your pool enhancement.

There are six issues you need to consider: Durability, Size, Color, Texture, Pattern, Style. Border tiles are affordable at a reasonable price, have no difficulty to install and serve as a highlight to upgrade your pool. Also, they are easy to get in almost any local stores for swimming pool construction materials, or if you prefer buying online because it allows you to compare border tile products among many leading pool tile companies around the globe quickly, then you are welcome to contact us for more information.

There are generally two main kinds of pool waterline tiles. One is made of ceramic/porcelain, and the other is glass. Each of them has its own special look. For ceramic border tiles, they are prone to combine with some surface treatment and has a great variety of colors to choose. For glass border tiles, they can be made in transparent, translucent and opaque. If your pool is decorated with colorful lightings, those glass tiles are your top choices, as they have a distinctive feature of reflecting light and show glittering luster. BluwhaleTile here to provide you some outstanding options of our waterline tile series for your reference.

Seashell Pattern Ceramic Pool Border Tile In 4 Optional Colors:

seashell pattern blue ceramic pool border tile.jpg     seashell pattern green swimming pool border tile.jpg

                       BCKB702                                                    BCKB701

dark blue waterline ceramic tile.jpg     purple pool border tile.jpg

                       BCKB602                                                    BCKB601


Wave Pattern Glass Border Tiles In 4 Geometric Arrangements:

glass swimming pool border tile.jpg BGEB002


wave pattern glass pool waterline tile.jpg BGAB004


glass pool tile border.jpg BGAB003


glass tile for pool border.jpg BGAB001


Border Tiles Installation Procedure

1.      Decide where to begin laying the tiles based on the shape of tiles and what final look you want.

2.     Mark on the waterline surface the measurement of the border with chalk, tiles and the joints included.

3.     Grout over the designated part and work border tiles against the grout with pushing pressure.

4.     Get rid of any excess grout from tile surface with sponge.

5.     Wait at least four hours, then brush over the border with a dry tower.

6.     Seal any exposed joints for waterproofing. 


Repair or Replace Leaking from Border Tiles?

All of the tiles can finally suffer damage and to be need of repair. You need to take the damaged one carefully at a time to avoid hurting any other pieces around it. If not, it would lead to costly repair.

Sometimes you find your pool leak. You know something wrong with the border tiles but you can’t stop it because you have no idea where. Finding a bleak or a hole on border can be a bit like finding out a needle in ocean. The only thing you can do is to looking closely something that looks like a crack, gap or tear and can feel by touching the suspected part with hand. If it’s a light leak, it’s all right to fix it with common pool putty. Otherwise, you may need to resurface the border. Regarding pool leaking problem, I bet you have heard about bucket test before. It is a common and popular method to check if your pool is leaking or not and how serious of the leaking. Based on the test result, you will take corresponding measures. For more quick tips about pool leak, you may be further to swimming pool leaking problem, things contractors don’t tell.


Border tiles with beautiful patterns and colors are really good for your swimming pool renovation. Even a simple border can absolutely bring up a brand new look to your pool. For more border liner tile ideas, please feel free to visit our official website. BluwhaleTile is one of the leading swimming pool tile manufacturers in mainland China, specializing in pool tile supply for over 10 years.