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One of the reasons why people avoid having a residential swimming pool is that they think they have to spend much on maintenance including regular cleaning and occasional repair. They worry maintenance cost will exceed their ideal budget. Swimming pool is inevitable to get dirty after being putting into use for a period of time and you have to call cleaning company or do it yourself. Making sure facilities in smooth operation is another important thing pool owner should think of. If equipment malfunctions, urgent action should be taken and that means an extra expense. Though it is a fact that most of the time you have to spend money on hiring professionals for help, there are still some ways you can do to cut down the maintenance cost. Read on following four tips you will have more in details.

Daily Cleaning Better Than Thorough Cleaning In About A year

It is unavoidable that leaves and debris fall into your pool. Yet, you can get rid of them at any time. This is necessary especially for outdoor pools, which often have prosperous trees surrounded. If you think picking up leaves is inconvenient and daily cleaning is a waste of time, a pool cover is your top solution. No matter manual cover or automatic cover, remember to cover the pool closely when you are not going to use your pool within a short period of time so that no gap will be left for insect and dust. This is particularly important in winter, as cover can protect your pool from freeze to a large extent. Installing a quality pool cover is something you should do, both for safety and reducing the cost and the labor on keeping your pool clean.

Building A Long Lasting Pool By Using Quality Materials

Swimming pool inside is easy to get dirty since pool water has complicated chemicals – pool water can have chemical reaction with pool finish; oil, sweat and any other excrete of human body can change the pH of pool water. If you want to avoid a cloudy or green pool, choosing a pool finish that is corrosion resistant is significant. Concrete finish will leach various chemicals into the pool. That will worsen pool water and make it unsuited to swim in. This unavoidably turns out to frequent cleaning. Pool water will need to be drained out and replaced, or added chemicals to make pH stay in balance and keep water clean from algae. However, you could reduce cleaning times by installing tiles inside and outside the pool. Swimming pool ceramic tile and glass tile serve as a barrier between concrete and water and is effective to stop chemicals leaching into the pool. Also, their glossy surface is at a low water absorption rate, which means a longer service life so that you don’t have to worry broken or cracked finish and don’t have to spend much on repair. For more reasons of why have to use tiles in pool, it is recommended to read article Ceramic Mosaic FAQ: Why Ceramic Mosaic Tiles for Swimming Pool?         

Making Sure Circulation And Filtration System Work Well

If you haven’t yet install circulation and filtration system in your pool, it is best to take action right now. Circulation system keeps pool water flowing continuously. In flowing water, algae are hard to breed and dirt are not easy to pile up. In this way, pool water can stay clean for a longer period and the load of cleaning work reduces. For filtration system, it is a good way to keep removing debris from pool water, especially for those you can’t see clearly in naked eyes. These are two very vital facilities for swimming pool. Thanks to them, pool water is circulating rather than stagnant. This is beneficial to reduce your cost on cleaning and maintenance indirectly, so ensuring them function smoothly is crucial.

Learn How To Do Basic Pool Cleaning By Yourself

You can learn to do simple cleaning jobs like draining and replacing the water, getting rid of leaves by using fishing net, adding chlorine to pool water, checking pool equipments, etc. All of these will help reduce your costing on pool maintenance. In this way, you will only need to resort to pool specialists when you have to do something professional and intractable.


Read these suggestions carefully, they will help to keep your swimming pool in a good state and help you save money and labor on the maintenance of the pool. BluwhaleTile is a mosaic pool tile professional that specializes in swimming pool tile supply over 10 years. Welcome to visit us on for more pool tile design ideas and swimming pool maintenance tips.