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Adding a pool is a long process that includes making a decision on pool type, pool shape, pool finish and landscape. You may encounter many different problems and make mistakes. However, some are totally avoidable. BluwhaleTile today is going to show you 5 mistakes that people are likely to make before groundbreaking.

1.     Design pool with a wrong purpose. Swimming pools have many kinds and each kind has its own preferred function. Lap pools are great for body training; paddling pools are relatively safe for kids; irregular pools are usually designed to become part of the landscape… It is better to figure out what type of pool you need and who will use this pool. Of course, budget, space and maintenance cost should be taken into consideration.  

2.     Choose an improper pool finish. Tile is one of the most popular materials for concrete pool finish because of its durability and versatility. For those who plan a pool without professional advice for the first time, they may not know clearly the difference between ceramic pool tile and glass tiles for swimming pools, and also have no idea about the final looks these two kinds of tile will give to the pool. It is depressing to have a ceramic tiled pool but in fact what you aspire is a glittering pool that only glow in the dark glass mosaic pool tiles can achieve.

3.     Do not consider the climate where you live. A specific pool building material that will work in some regions, may not be feasible to the places where you live in. For example, if you live in high latitude and it endures extreme weather every year, you are not supposed to build a concrete pool that is easy to crack and break in severe cold. What’s more, there are many other factors you may even not know, such as earthquake, geologic structure, etc. Your pool construction needs to be adjusted based on the practical situation.

4.     Bigger is not better. Many people assume that what they want is a big pool and they think in bigger pool there is much more fun to play, particularly for those who have never purchased or maintenance a pool before. Till then, you will feel regretful, as big pool costs you higher in maintenance and takes up a lot of place that you may use it for other purposes. Owning a bigger pool does not mean a better entertainment, though you want a family pleasure. Build pool in ingenious ways like designing deep and shallow regions in one pool instead of building two separated pools, one for adults, the other for kids, is a great method to save cost meanwhile have the same degree of enjoyment.

5.    Making inconvenient entrance. Entry way design is important to pool design too. There are pebble walk-in, stainless steel stair, non slip tiled steps, etc. Find out a type that is most suitable for your pool. One is to make the entrance convenient such as set it right towards the patio to the main building or place it right beside the outdoor kitchen for party cooking use. Second is to make sure it is safe for everyone, especially kids and adults. Consider installing fence and plan the path leading to the pool entrance.