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Customers often ask help via our message board when they encounter intractable problems, which are nothing but pool tile replacement, pool tile repair and how to choose the right mosaic pool tile, etc. Amongst, we find one is particularly considerable, that is, is it ok to cover cracked or broken tiles with paint directly instead of chipping them off and replace with new tiles? Read the following passages you will get more insight.

First, there is a fact that you should know. Actually, it is hard to make a proper repair if pool tiles are damaged. You may be stuck in dilemma such as you do not save a fraction of tiles for backup when you do the purchasing, or fail to find out the same in local store; damaged condition of the tiles are not so serious as to call professional assist. There is no need to spend extra because maintenance service could be costly. Some people may say so why not do it by yourself? Indeed, it is a good propose, but not everyone are good at hand making. For those who put aside these two solutions, they prefer some more easier and opportunistic ways. Covering damaged swimming pool tiles with paint is one of them.

It is no surprise to receive a negative feedback about this “paint repair on tiles” from experienced pool specialists. Most of them do not recommend painting tiles and some even strongly oppose. In their experience servicing pools, the ones that were painted always had problems, mainly because of algae, pH and chemicals. They think tile replacement is your best bet.

Of course, there is few consider it reasonable to some extent. For those who want to renovate their pools but budget is not ready for the moment, temporary emergency methods are meaningful. Generally, painting on tiles could last 1-2 years. If you use quality tile paint, that might be longer. It is always better to have damaged tiles painted than leave them getting worse and worse. Falling pool tiles and the rough pool surface it causes is easy to scratch human skin. It is hard to imagine more dangerous accidents happen just because of this little tiny pool mosaic tiles.

All in all, paint on pool tiles for repair is not always a bad thing, but remember it is just a temporary method that you have to do in a certain unfavorable situation. Thorough pool tile replacement on the damaged area is however necessary. Only in this way, your pool will be well maintained and have a longer service time.