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Guess you may get bored at the changeless blue pool tile. Why not try to use another color? Green can be a good choice, since it looks very close to the blue and there are many coastlines and lakes on the earth appear as the same color, which as you known are so beautiful. In this article, BluwhaleTile is going to show you some gorgeous yet distinctive green pool tiles for your pool construction or remodeling project. You are certain to be astonished of the visual effect when installed inside your pool.  

Frozen Blackish Green Pool Tile

Dark green has a mysterious aura. What’s more, it works out the same effect with blue, which can make pool water more profound and deep visually, so it may be a good inground pool tile if your pool is a little bit shallow. This tile also features a charming crackle surface in which different shades of fambe spots are randomly spreading. It fulfills your imagination of having a dream pool at home, which is also a cost effective way to add value to your property and sell a good price in the future.  

dark green fambe pool tile pattern design ceramic pool tile.jpg

Blackish Green Inground Pool Tile BCK713

Natural Green Cracked Pool Tile

This green is lighter than the former and the pool tile texture is a little bit different too. You can see the difference if zooming closer. The cracked texture is like ice frosting on the glass window, which is free and romantic. Other than the fambe spots of the first tile appear different shades of green, the cracks on this tile have no effect on the color. It is like just separating the tile surface into many unshapely fritters, as you can see the swimming pool tile pictures attached below. The outdoor lap pool design is using this tile. Enhanced by the surrounding lighting, the pool looks sparkling and stylish.  

single crackle pool tile texture green pool tile.jpg

Ice Cracked Texture Pool Tile BCQ702

villa open swimming pool using green tile pictures.jpg

Ice Crackle Malachite Green Pool Tile

This tile is in another shade of green, very close to the color of Malachite so it gives a mysterious and royal impression. Also, the fambe texture makes it remarkable. It is like salt melting in the surface of Malachite and turn out to produce a marvelous result. You might think swimming pool tiles texture counts for little since it is unobvious in the water, so don’t need to spend too much energy choosing trend pool tiles but just using the classic. However, this is not all that true. On one hand, we cannot deny that classic pool tiles have reliable beauty with which swimming pools will be highlighted. On the other hand, pool tiles that have a special pattern really can add charm to your pool design. Frankly, pursuing new things is not a bad thing. It works similarly in mosaic pool tile.   

swimming pool tiles have Malachite green fambe texture.jpg

Malachite Green Trend Pool Tiles BCQ704

invisible edge pool using Malachite green mosaic pool tile.jpg

Classic Glossy Aqua Pool Tile

This shade of green looks very young. If the first blackish green is an old man, then this verdant green is a baby. It really gives a spring touch, don’t you think? It make you an energetic impression that every thing is new born and growing. Also, this is a very simple design, just plain colored and glazed, but shows a very good effect. Guess it might be the green that you rarely see in the market, so how to use it properly on pool could be troublesome. This is a tip-use it on paddling pool, small swim spa or kid pool is preferable.  

glazed bright light green classic swimming pool tile.jpg

Young Green Classic Pool Tiles BCK710

Green Textured Glass Pool Tile

Green color shows a little bit difference in tiles made of glass. It has a special color gradation that ceramic and porcelain don’t have. Glass tile for pools using this rule can achieve a surprising result, just as the hexagon pool tile attached below. Texture is some gradient green lines randomly spreading on each chip and creates a fantastic look. By the way, it can be a very great tile on pool steps, as the surface is not slippery and has a lighter color that distincts from the tiles in other parts of the pool, which are usually designed in darker color. 

hexagon pool tile used for pool step paving.jpg

Hexagon Green Glass Tile For Pools BGZ025

BluwhaleTile is one of pool tile manufacturers that is experienced in providing customers innovative yet practical ceramic pool mosaics, glass tile for pools and any other pool tile accessories. Welcome to keep a close eye on our blog update for newest pool tile mosaic designs.