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Where will you spend your leisure and recreational time at the hotel? While a sprawling outdoor space with a swimming pool is perfect for soaking up energizing rays of sunshine and enjoying the warm, refreshing air, outdoor pools become less inviting as temperatures drop. This is where a well-designed indoor swimming pool can transform your hotel experience, allowing you to enjoy swimming year-round. By using large green hexagon ceramic pool tiles to decorate the pool, you can create an elegant and inviting atmosphere that enhances your indoor pool's aesthetic.

Alive water features like pools or fountains can refresh any space, but they are typically located outdoors and are not accessible year-round. Why not bring the entertainment indoors so you can relax, gather friends, or take lots of photos as the seasons change? An indoor swimming pool can do just that, providing a space for daily exercise, pleasant relaxation, and a tranquil ambiance that guests can enjoy any time they want.

Planning Your Dream Indoor Pool

Designing an indoor swimming pool involves careful consideration of materials, design elements, and decor to create a serene and inviting space. Every detail, from the type of tiles used to the color scheme and additional features, contributes to the overall ambiance and functionality of the pool area. The goal is to create an environment where guests can relax, exercise, and enjoy themselves, regardless of the weather outside.

To help you plan your future dream indoor pool, we’ve gathered some beneficial ideas from our client’s hotel pool project at Myyan Retreat. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design and the right materials can transform an ordinary indoor pool into a luxurious and tranquil retreat. Here are some key elements to consider:

#1 Green Pool Tile - Tranquil and Cool

To create a tranquil aesthetic, nothing shines brighter than our Dark Green Series tiles. These glamorous tiles feature a glossy and ice-crackle surface design, often slipping into the teal territory and offering a range of hues from smooth light green to deep, lush greens. The 150x175mm large hexagon tiles are particularly striking, making them an unbeatable choice for a tropical-style pool. Their charming and peaceful palettes are used extensively for the pool waterline, interior stairs, and deck, and have quickly become a favorite among our clients.

dark green pool tile

  • Selecting the Perfect Tiles for a Tropical Oasis

When Ken embarked on his indoor pool project at Myyan Retreat, he aimed to create a serene and inviting space that embodied the natural beauty of a tropical paradise. After considering various options, he chose the Dark Green Series hexagon tiles for their unique aesthetic and practical benefits. The selection process involved evaluating several factors, including the visual impact, durability, and the ability to harmonize with the hotel's overall design theme.

The decision to use these particular tiles was driven by their ability to evoke the lush, vibrant feel of tropical greenery. The tiles' glossy finish and ice-crackle design create a stunning visual effect, capturing the light beautifully and adding depth to the pool's appearance. The crackle effect introduces a subtle, yet captivating texture that mimics the intricate patterns found in nature, such as the veins of leaves or the bark of trees. This natural look aligns perfectly with the tropical theme, bringing a slice of the outdoors inside.

hexagon pool tile

Tile Shown: 150x170mm Hexagon Ice Crackle Glazed Ceramic Dark Green ZBF1703

  • The Impact of Ice-Crackle Surface Design

The ice-crackle surface design is not just about aesthetics; it also serves practical purposes. The slight variations in color and texture make the tiles slip-resistant, enhancing safety around the pool area. This is especially important for indoor pools where safety is a top priority. Additionally, the glossy finish makes the tiles easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the pool area remains beautiful and inviting with minimal effort.

The dark green glaze, with its rich, varied tones, embodies the natural beauty of lush greenery, making it an ideal choice for Ken’s pool project. The tiles' unique crackle and slight color variation finish give them a natural, organic look, reminiscent of cactus or pine. This choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the pool but also adds a touch of nature to the hotel's interior, creating a seamless blend between the indoor pool and the surrounding environment.

The use of these tiles extends beyond mere decoration; they transform the pool into a serene sanctuary. Guests can enjoy the soothing ambiance created by the tranquil green hues and the reflective surface of the tiles. The pool becomes a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, where the stresses of daily life melt away in the cool, calm waters.

dark green ice crackle surface glazed porcelain pool tile for resort

In conclusion, the ice-crackle surface design of green hexagon tiles is an excellent choice for any indoor pool aiming to achieve a tranquil, tropical aesthetic. Their combination of beauty, functionality, and durability makes them a standout option. By selecting these tiles, Ken has not only enhanced the visual appeal of his pool at Myyan Retreat but also created a serene, inviting space for guests to enjoy year-round.

#2 The Perfect Poolside

When designing your pool area, don’t forget about the floors. In Ken’s project, dark green is the dominant hue, so we used white tiles to harmonize with the green. The combination of white and dark green is both vibrant and welcoming. Our perfect glaze and ice crackle finish make these tiles an ideal option for the pool deck, showcasing a beautiful contrast that adds character to the space.

hotel pool using hexagon pool tile

#3 Rattan Elements

Inspired by nature, rattan poolside furniture is trending in poolside leisure design. This beautiful trend touches almost every design inspiration, whether the pool style is modern, classic, or contemporary. Rattan furniture provides a comfortable space for swimmers to relax and creates a stylish area for the hotel to welcome guests.

tropical indoor pool using porcelain dark green hexagon tile

#4 Adding Ocean Elements

Saltwater swimming pools have become more popular than ever. Saltwater is a wonderful way to keep your pool clean without the need for high levels of chlorine. Swimming in saltwater feels like being in the ocean and offers various skin-healing minerals, keeping the skin healthy and smooth. This natural approach enhances the tranquil and refreshing experience of your indoor pool.

indoor pool featuring ice crackle surface glazed porcelain hexagon pool tile

#5 Creative Pool Floats and High Tea by the Pool

Beautiful and creative pool floats are popular decorations for trendy pool parties. They are easy to acquire, budget-friendly, and can be simply blown up and placed in the pool, around a rattan floating tray, or near greenery plants. To maintain a balanced design, choose colors that match your hotel’s style. On warm afternoons, guests might not want to leave the pool, and offering a chic and unique design with a rattan floating tray for high tea can make the experience even more enjoyable. This adds a touch of luxury and relaxation, allowing guests to enjoy refreshments without leaving the water, enhancing their overall experience.

premium glazed porcelain dark green hexagon tile for indoor pool

#6 Unique Plant Decor

Incorporating lush, towering greenery can transform your indoor pool area into a tropical paradise, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. By strategically placing a variety of plants around the pool, you can achieve a jungle-like aesthetic that enhances the overall ambiance.

Decorate one side of the pool with an assortment of plants such as cacti, ivy, Scindapsus aureus, monstera deliciosa, and Madagascar palm. These plants bring in different textures and shades of green, introducing depth and richness to the space. The tall Madagascar palm serves as a focal point, while the cascading ivy and Scindapsus aureus soften the edges of the pool area. The unique leaves of monstera deliciosa add visual interest, and the robust shapes of cacti provide contrasting textures.

This natural decor not only enhances the tranquil ambiance but also provides a refreshing contrast to the cool, clear water of the pool. The greenery helps create a calming visual balance, making the pool area feel more integrated with nature. By transforming your indoor pool area with these carefully chosen plants, you create a unique and memorable setting that encourages relaxation and enjoyment for your guests.

pool tile wholesale

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