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On the passing April 22 people around the globe have celebrated Earth Day in their own way. Are you a defender of our Mother Earth too? You know even tiny change can make a great difference. By the way, environmentalists somewhat often blame those who build and maintain a residential swimming pool for wasting too many materials and resources. If you are a pool owner or just ready to build one, why not grasp this opportunity to upgrade your pool to an environmentally-friendly level and change the way that you have fun in pool.    

Before going to some tips about how to transform your pool, there is something about Earth Day you need to know. Just as the name implies, Earth Day is aiming to encourage people begin or keep up the effort of creating a more sustainable world by realizing that industrial contamination and resource wasting is damaging the world we rely for existence. Earth Day inspires us to save energy and use recycled materials, which is helpful to create an environment that is safe, clean and healthy. There are many ways for pool owners to save energy, water and money. Following are top 4 issues that BluwhaleTile sums up for you. 

Plant More Trees Around Your Pool

Greenery is always considered as the best medium to absorb CO2 and other pollutant, removing and storing the carbon while discharging oxygen back into the air. This air refreshing process can clean and cool your living area, which is especially beneficial to provide you a more comfortable swimming environment. Also, prosperous trees can serve as a natural shelter that protects your from sunburn in hot summer. Imagine when you feel tired after swimming a while, how enjoyable to lie on bench where lush trees sway with the wind over your head. If your pool is at higher floor or subject to location that cannot be planted trees, potted plants is another option, with which you also can create a natural swimming surrounding. In a word, well-designed greenery is a great embellishment for your backyard and a sustainable source to beautify your pool. It is both decorative and functional.

prosperous trees surrounded swimming pool.jpg

Use Digital Automation Systems In Your Pool

Today’s systems can arrange different procedures of pool maintenance for you. For example, automation chemistry management can ensure your chlorine level and pH stay within proper range by taking water test regularly and add or reduce chemicals as needed. It not only saves your chemical cost but extend the longevity of the pool coating, like vinyl painting, pool tile, and facilities. Also, automatic circulation system can be used to build up a more energy-efficient pool. This system can arrange filtration operation: circulate water through the filter once every 24 hours; swift speed to circulate the water according to the type of pump, weather and season.

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Reuse Wastewater Of Your Pool

Pool often takes up much land to build on as well as large volume of water to fill in. It’s a waste if draining already-used pool water directly somewhere outside and don’t put it into second use. The water can be disposed in some way and then used to irrigate plants in your courtyard, flush the toilet and mop the floor. This recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it’s adequately treated to ensure water quality and safety for the use. Even if you have nowhere to make good use of the used water, it is beneficial to the environment for direct emission after pertinent treatment. What’s more, you can adopt technology that some pool service companies provide to pump water into a rig, clean it and put it back into the pool instead of draining and refilling it.   

reuse swimming pool wastewater.jpg

Convert Your Pool to Salt

Chlorine is essential to maintain chemistry balance of pool. Generally, factory-produced chlorine additive is more expensive than natural salt. Also, salt is affordable and available anywhere. Salt is a natural source of chlorine and by using it can save your chemical costs. Generally, natural salt can make the water feel softer. Natural salt water is mild so you don’t need to worry skin allergy. And you may think the water must taste salty. Instead, you will not taste the difference. Natural salt here plays a role of disinfectant. If you want to know more about saltwater pool, it is suggested reading our published article Tile: One of the Essentials to a Successful Saltwater Pool

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