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dolphin mosaic art

Mosaics are a pop option for the modern art piece, created by discreetly arranging small mosaic chips of hard material in order to piece together a larger artwork. Mosaics can be huge and complicated, all over the building's exterior walls, inside a spa pool, or small enough to fit a tabletop, no larger than a mosaic art you might hang on the wall. 

When mosaic art is composed of tile, used in a swimming pool, the piece as a whole is sometimes referred to as Mosaic Art.” And then what is the perfect pattern for a swimming pool? Have a look at our Dolphin Mosaic Art Collection and immerse yourself in the most beautiful marine organism in the depths of the ocean.

handmade mosaic art

As we all know that dolphins are unconditional love and monogamous, and so many more interesting features that you'll need a reminder of around your pool. Our wide variety of dolphin pattern mosaic artwork will certainly captivate you and turn your swimming pool into an amazing ocean world surrounding you. 

Have a specific design in mind? Contact us to commission a piece of custom mosaic art from our highly-skilled artisans, designed exclusively to match your vision. If you have no idea about the materials and dolphin patterns, let’s keep on reading...

#1 Glass Dolphin Mosaic Art

Dolphin Glass mosaic art always seems to dial up the dazzle as they look much more polished and sparkly than other mosaic works; an aspect that makes them look classy. The combination of beautiful colors can easily merge to give the dolphin patterns an artistic edge, by the way, it can make the dolphin vivid and can jump out of the mosaic art at any time.

dolphin mosaic art for swimming pool project

Featured Product: Glass Dolphin Mosaic Art

Moreover, dolphin glass mosaic artwork can also add life to pool surrounding without taking away their finesse. This is because they have the ability to reflect sunlight and LED light like no other mosaics. 

So if you want to add a luxurious feel to a spa swimming pool or spa pool wall, glass mosaics can give iridescent and shiny effectiveness to you. They are great assets to swiftly attract the admiration of visiting friends.

If you are a marine environmental advocate, and you pay more attention to Mother Nature and the implications of pollutants cast than dolphin mosaic art material. 

You will be glad to find out that producing glass mosaics is cleaner than producing ceramic materials. Here are some pattern design ideas from Bluwhale Tile and the Internet, your personal design pattern is available and we can also custom for you.

dophin pool mosaic

Featured Product: Ceramic Dolphin Mosaic Art

When discussing mass production accounts, it takes double the energy to produce a single ceramic tile than does to produce a glass tile of the same size. Moreover, most of our glass mosaics are produced from recycled glass refuse as opposed to ceramics which are so much harder to recycle. Therefore, if you have the option between a ceramic and a glass mosaic, be certain that you are doing your environment a favor.

handcarfted mosaic artwork

While talking about the maintenance problem, if you are an undiligent person, glass mosaics are the perfect material for you. As they are easy to clean and resistant to mold, stains, and mildew, they ideally serve as a swimming pool decoration. So you do not have to purchase so much specific cleaning products.

#2 Ceramic Dolphin Mosaic Art

Just like glass dolphin mosaic art, ceramic dolphin mosaic art comes in a large variety of pattern styles. Whether you want to one dolphin or many dolphins, ceramic mosaics will give you what you need.

Just like our popular ceramic dolphin mosaic art project shown, the cute dolphins are surrounded by waves and geometric patterns making them the center of attention. In a chase, at the center of the mosaic art, the most joyful mammal of the ocean chases its friends effortlessly. This mosaic art is textured with vibrant hues of different colors which gives it a lively touch. It will perfectly garnish your pools and floors.

dolphin mosaic pattern for project

Featured Product: Ceramic Dolphin Mosaic Art for Pool BCA002

Featured Product: Ceramic Dolphin Mosaic Art for Pool BCA003

Where does our incredible dolphin pattern mosaic artwork best? Perhaps we should talk about where they don’t work. The truth is that these ocean-themed mosaic art designs can be installed anywhere! Indoors or outdoors, they bring color and eye-catching appeal to any surface. From pools to floors, backsplashes to shower walls, and walls to ceilings, ceramic mosaics can handle exposure to heat, cold, and wet environments. Here are some pattern design ideas from Bluwhale Tile and the Internet, your personal design pattern is available and we can also custom for you.

ceramic dolphin mosaic art

#3 Stone Dolphin Mosaic Art

Natural stone mosaic is well known as a decorative architectural element that can be easily embodied into both a classic or modern swimming pool. From a range of potential designs, natural stone mosaics can be illustrated in a range of dolphin patterns. Here are some pattern design ideas from Bluwhale Tile and the Internet, your personal design pattern is available and we can also custom for you.

stone dolphin mosaic art

Stone dolphin mosaics get installed into our customer swimming pools all the time, and the final result is just consummate! With a likable dolphin pattern and soothing light colors, the stone dolphin mosaic artwork added elegance and charm to our customer’s beautiful outdoor space, and it is sure to do the same to any other space blessed with its presence.

Visit Our Sea Life Pattern Inspiration

swimming pool mosaic art

Featured Product: More Mosaic Art Ideas

Feeling inspired? Let’s take mosaic art back home.

With stone being the oldest one used, ceramic or porcelain is the most versatile, and glass is the most popular. Which material is the perfect one for your project? As a professional mosaic factory, we are just as excited as you about finding out! In the meantime, Bluwhale Tile will be providing you with loads of inspiration - talking about color trends, looking at creative ways to use mosaic artwork in your home, and finding the best examples of mosaic art around the world. Order free mosaic samples to see and touch right now! You might fall in love with our premium mosaics.