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Amidst the ever-evolving world of design innovation, Bluwhale Tile proudly presents a stunning collection of 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Pool Tiles. It's a celebration of style, opulence, and versatility—an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to excellence in pool aesthetics. These six breathtaking variants redefine the concept of pool tiles, each offering a unique narrative to transform your pool into a tranquil haven. Together, let's dive into a world where imagination meets reality, and where your pool becomes a true embodiment of style and sophistication.

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#1 Vibrant Richness - Cobalt Blue

Immerse your pool in a symphony of vibrancy and depth with our Cobalt Blue variant. This 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Cobalt Blue Pool Tile embodies a captivating richness that invites the allure of an endless sapphire sea into your pool area.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Cobalt Blue GKOL1601

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Cobalt Blue GKOL1601


The Cobalt Blue variant stands as a testament to the marriage of beauty and vibrancy. This particular hue strikes a perfect balance between vibrancy and richness, creating a visual spectacle that captivates the senses. The dynamic play of light across the iridescent surface of this tile creates an ever-changing canvas, ranging from deep, majestic blues to vivid, radiant hues.

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Picture your poolside transformed into a radiant oasis, where the dazzling Cobalt Blue tiles dance with the sun’s rays, creating a mesmerizing display of shimmering brilliance. It's an invitation to witness the magic of light interplaying with the iridescent finish, producing a rich tapestry of shades that infuse life into your pool.

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Whether under the midday sun or the soft hues of twilight, this tile radiates a captivating richness, offering an immersive experience of unparalleled beauty. The Cobalt Blue variant elevates the very essence of your pool, exuding an aura of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Step into a world where richness meets vibrancy with the 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Cobalt Blue Pool Tile. Let its mesmerizing shades redefine the character of your pool area, enveloping it in an ambiance that resonates with a sense of allure and grandeur.

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#2 Subtle Elegance - Baby Blue

The baby blue variant offers a captivating blend of softness and sophistication. Its subtle, yet distinct, hue resonates with the calmness of a cloudless sky on a serene day. The iridescent finish breathes life into this gentle hue, allowing it to shimmer with a delicate luminosity, creating an ambiance of tranquility and refinement. Indulge in the gentle allure of understated elegance with our baby blue variant. The 48x48mm square crystal glass iridescent baby blue pool tile encapsulates a delicate balance of soft tones and iridescent allure, casting a spell of tranquility across your pool area.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Baby Blue GZOL1603

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Baby Blue GZOL1603

This pool tile is an ode to subtlety and grace. Its understated charm effortlessly merges into various pool designs, providing a nuanced touch that complements both modern and classic settings. The baby blue variant exudes an ethereal quality that embraces the essence of peace and calm, elevating your pool area into a haven of serenity.

The iridescence of this tile refracts light in a subdued yet captivating manner, producing a gentle play of hues that dance across the water's surface. As the sunlight or ambient lighting interacts with the tile, it casts a soft glow that adds depth and dimension, transforming your pool into a serene oasis.

#3 A Symphony of Hues - Mixed Blue

Indulge in the fluidity of hues and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our mixed blue variant. This 48x48mm square crystal glass iridescent pool tile transcends the conventional, inviting you into a world where the azure shades of the ocean converge in a stunning mosaic.

Drawing inspiration from the natural symphony of water, this tile radiates a magical iridescence that mirrors the undulating waves of the ocean. Each tile captures the essence of the ever-changing hues of water, from the serene cobalt blues to the refreshing aquamarines, skillfully blended to create a mosaic that reflects the play of light and shadows.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Mixed Blue GKOL1001

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Mixed Blue GKOL1001

Imagine the tranquil beauty of a secluded lagoon—this tile encapsulates that essence. The iridescent finish of the mixed blue variant seamlessly transitions between shades, akin to the dance of sunlight upon the ripples of a pristine pool. As light kisses the surface, it transforms into an enchanting spectacle, casting a spell of tranquility and elegance upon your pool area.

By choosing this variant, you embrace more than just a tile; you embrace a picturesque narrative, a canvas that illustrates the depths and mysteries of the ocean. With every dip and dive into your pool, the hues of the mixed blue tile will enchant and captivate, beckoning you to lose yourself in its beauty.

#4 Serene Aquatic Tones - Aqua Green

Transform your pool into an oasis of tranquility with our exquisite aqua green variant. The 48x48mm square crystal glass iridescent aqua green pool tile is a visual ode to the calming essence of nature, drawing inspiration from the serene waters of a secluded lagoon.

The aqua green variant introduces an ethereal quality to your poolscape. Its iridescent effect casts a mesmerizing shimmer, reminiscent of the undulating ripples gracefully forming on the surface of a tranquil body of water. Each tile embodies a spectrum of aquatic tones, ranging from subtle aquamarine to soothing emerald green, effortlessly creating an aura of peacefulness.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Aqua Green GKOL1701

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Aqua Green GKOL1701

This variant encapsulates the essence of calmness, inviting swimmers into a space that feels naturally serene. Imagine the play of sunlight on the iridescent surface, conjuring a picturesque scene where the pool glimmers with an entrancing allure, mirroring the beauty of a secluded paradise.

With every dip into the crystalline waters adorned with these aqua green tiles, your pool becomes a sanctuary, offering a refreshing escape from the bustling world outside. The gentle and inviting tones of aqua green bring a sense of harmony to your pool area, resonating with the tranquility found in nature's most idyllic water bodies.

#5 Elegance in Darkness - Iridescent Black

Immerse yourself in sophistication and indulge in the allure of opulence with our black variant. This 48x48mm square crystal glass iridescent pool tile embodies a unique elegance that transcends the ordinary, transforming your pool into a sumptuous haven of refined luxury and unparalleled depth.

The enigmatic charm of this black tile variant is unveiled through its iridescence. It is not merely black; it is a symphony of shadows and glimmers, a manifestation of absolute elegance. The iridescent finish bestows upon it a mesmerizing quality, creating a spellbinding display as light plays upon its surface. Under the veil of darkness, this tile becomes a canvas that reflects the night sky, exuding an air of refined mystique.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Black GKOL1101

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent Black GKOL1101

Picture an evening party or a tranquil midnight swim—this tile ensures your pool is the epitome of sophistication and grandeur. It invites you to experience a pool transformed, where each tile becomes a testament to luxury, reflecting the surrounding ambiance with unparalleled grace.

The iridescence of the black variant lends an unparalleled depth to your pool area, infusing it with a subtle, yet irresistible allure. As night falls, the subtle gleam of the iridescence takes center stage, casting an enchanting and sophisticated aura that elevates the ambiance of your outdoor space.

#6 Timeless Sophistication - Iridescent White

The allure of the white variant lies in its simplicity and purity. Its pristine, snow-white appearance imbued with an iridescent finish transforms your pool into a captivating canvas of sophistication. This tile doesn't just reflect light; it amplifies it, creating a mesmerizing interplay of luminosity that illuminates your pool area.

The elegance of white extends beyond its visual appeal. It offers a versatility that complements any pool design, whether modern, classic, or contemporary. Its clean, radiant surface elevates the ambiance of your pool, evoking a sense of purity and clarity that is both captivating and refreshing.

48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent White GKOL1901

Featured Product: 48x48mm Square Crystal Glass Iridescent White GKOL1901

The white variant's iridescence adds depth and dimension to its appearance, casting a subtle sheen that dances across the surface. This effect brings a dynamic quality to the pool, creating an ever-changing spectacle that transitions beautifully from day to night.

A pool adorned with the 48x48mm square crystal glass iridescent white pool tile embodies sophistication and grace, elevating your outdoor space to a level of timeless elegance. Its pristine hue serves as a perfect backdrop for any landscaping or architectural design, serving as the focal point that draws attention while maintaining a serene and inviting atmosphere.

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At Bluwhale Tile, we know how important it is to have a beautifully designed pool. With our 17 years of expertise as a leading pool tile manufacturer, we are passionate about providing you with the best quality products. Our crystal glass mosaic tiles showcase our commitment to creativity and perfection. We invite you to discover the endless possibilities these pool tiles offer, as you mix and match to unleash the true potential of your pool space. Contact us to order pool tile samples right now!