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When talking about the word “summer”, most people will think of sunshine and beach. Playing with water is one of the most popular entertainments on holiday. Yet now you do not have to wait until June or August when you will usually book a seaside hotel for holiday pleasure. Owning a residential swimming pool means you grasp the initiative and get cool at any time you want. Having a pool at home is a great investment, as it increases property and aesthetic value of your house, but the precondition is performing considerate maintenance to keeps its wonderful appearance.

Many problems will occur if the pool is not maintained well, though there are some insignificant, it does not mean they are negligible. Any sign about pool is getting worse may cause severe result at the end and you are likely to spend much on repair or even renovation. To know more about how to make a proper decision, article How To Know If My Pool Needs Repair, Resurfacing Or Remodeling? is a recommended extended reading. Even if your pool has been kept in good condition, minor problems cannot be avoided as it puts into use over the years. Some of them are related to the condition of pool tile grouts. You may have found they are turning black, missing or in any other unusual conditions. Unsatisfactory tile grout condition is caused from many reasons and it should be brought to the forefront. 

Following are some signs that pool tile grout is going downhill. If you inspect your pool and find any one of the following conditions, you may need to re-grout your swimming pool or even worse, resurfacing.

1.     A large area of pool tile grout has been missing.

2.     Pool tiles are loosing, broken or falling off.

3.     The color of pool tile grout is going black.

4.     Pool water keeps turning green and cloudy.

If you notice any of these conditions listed above in your pool, it is better to ask professionals for help, particularly for those pools that mosaic pool tiles are falling off. They will estimate how bad the condition is and will advise you how to handle it. Generally, if there is just some part of tile grout missing, you can do a DIY re-grouting; if missing condition is in a large area or even pool tiles are affected and become cracked, you need to consider a resurfacing. But don’t be dispirited, it is after all a great chance to give a new look to your pool by using other pool tile choices.

There are two main reasons for grout missing. One is that the adhesion of grout mixture is weakened since it has been pressed into the tile gaps. When grout starts to dry, air bubbles are easier to penetrate into the small area between tiles and substrate, which are supposed to be closely attached with each other and leaves no gap. As penetrating movement becomes fiercer, algae also will begin to develop on the substrate or porous concrete below the tiles, and those affected areas will show black spots. Further, grouts and tiles will separate from the substrate or the concrete. Some will crack and some will come off. Another reason could be that your pool’s pH is too low, which result in corroding the grout. Keeping pool water in chemistry balance is the only way to prevent this situation. For more info about this, it is highly advised to read article Helpful Tips for New Pool Owners: How to Maintain Water Chemistry Balance?      

It is important to handle swimming pool tile grout problems and make any condition that has a sign to become worse under control, as if you disregard it, grout missing problem is possible to become costly to repair. For more swimming pool maintenance tips, welcome to visit BluwhaleTile. It is a reliable supplier for you to buy swimming pool tiles of premium quality and reasonable price.