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There are many materials for pool step decoration. Tile and pebble are the two most common. It is not only a cost effective way to improve the look of the pool but also a protection measure, since steps are often covered in other colors than the pool body. In this article, BluwhaleTile is going to introduce some ordinary pool step designs and give advice on how to choose one that is best for your swimming pool. 

Using Border Tile For Partial Decoration

It is universal laying pool border tiles along the fringe of the stairway and leaving the other parts the same as the pool body. The reason why taking this design is for catching your eyes when you are walking in the pool so that you will not misstep accidentally. There are glass mosaic border tiles and porcelain border tiles. It is suggested using the same material with that on the pool surface, that is, if your pool is porcelain tiled then step decoration goes with porcelain made border tiles, glass alike. Otherwise, it may result in discord and a lack of unity in style. Swimming pool border tiles come in various designs. Some are simple square chips combined, as shown in the attached two step designs using pool trim tile; some are designed in specific pattern for different styles. The attached dolphin pattern and arabesque design border tiles are two typical examples. The former is usually installed on pool for kids and the latter may gain more popularity in Middle East.   

porcelain tiled pool using porcelain border tiles.jpg

glass tiled pool using glass border tiles.jpg

light blue dolphin patten pool porcelain border tiles.jpg

swimming pool border tiles BCZB001

blue green arabesque design swimming pool border tiles.jpg

pool border tile BCZB011

Using Pebble Finish For Natural Style

If you have a natural pool or want to add natural design element to your pool, then a pebble walk-in or a staircase decorated with pebble is the thing you need. Pebble finish can blend perfectly in the natural landscape like it is part of it. This makes pebble design really popular among people who advocate chemical-free swimming pool. Also, it plays an important role in skid resistance. The uneven surface can reduce the risk of slipping down when you are entering into the pool. There are generally two types of pebble-the natural and the artificial. The natural have original beauty but easily get algae adhered. The artificial are durable and what’s most important, they can be made quite similar to the real ones because of advanced technique. Following are four colors of imitation pebble which are made of glass and combined with mesh on back. They are not only can be used in swimming pool but also interior decorating such as bathroom, as shown in the attached designs, the terra cotta and the grey pebble glass tile look nice when installed on the floor and the counter. The chocolate brown and the light blue are the two stylish choices too if you use them properly.     

bathroom floor using artificial pebble shape glass pool tile.jpg

imitation pebble stone pool finish glass made.jpg

pebble stone pool finish BGZ902

bathroom counter using manmade pool pebble glass tile.jpg

using artificial grey pebbles instead of pool tile for natural pool walk in.jpg

pebbles instead of pool tile BGZ903

chocolate brown artificial glass pebble pool surface.jpg

pebble pool surface BGZ901

light blue glass made pebble shaped pool finish.jpg

glass pebble pool finish BGZ602 

Making The Best Use Of Tailing

If you don’t want to bother finding another tile product for your pool step decoration, here is an ingenious tip for you, that is, using the remaining material. As the attached design shows, the bottom and the stairway are using the same rectangular tile. The tiles are cleverly placed in different orientations-pool bottom is vertically while pool step is horizontally. In this way people not only can easily tell where the stair is but also save the cost of purchasing. Also, you may ask what if my pool is just plastered, painted in white or pebblecrete? The answer is you can pick up several pieces of tile and create a customized pattern. As shown in the photo, the owner of this pool also put on some ceramic turtles. It looks innovative and lovely, don’t you think? Following are two recommendatory pool tiles that have a slip resistant surface. They are good choices for the tiling of pool bottom and pool step too. They are attached with a mesh on back. Just get rid of it and you will get the single chip.     

rectangular pool tiles placed vertically on pool bottom while horizontally on pool step.jpg

several pieces of tiles and ceramic turtles decorated on pool step.jpg

blue color anti slip surface pool mosaic tile for step.jpg

pool tile mosaic BCK634

cut turquoise pool tile sheet to have chips and decorate pool step.jpg

blue green pool tile BCK633


Following The Classic Trend

What will you think of first when talking about swimming pool step? I would say the security issue. Traditional pools like those for competition or in stadium, pool surrounding edge and pool step are usually using non slip tiles. They are generally in beige color and have transverse, pound sign or another anti slip grain. Although these tile are simple and have small variety, they are practical and have a best performance in skid resistance. If you are a person who put safety in the first place and don’t mind your pool looks a little bit old school, the following three non skid swimming pool tiles are the best options for you.     

off white textured non slip tiles for swimming pools and pool step.jpg

non slip tiles for swimming pools BCZB505

beige color pound sign anti slip surface tile for swimming pool step.jpg

anti slip swimming pool tiles BCZB506

beige color transverse non skid pool tiles.jpg

non skid pool tile BCZB507


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