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8 effective tips to clean glass pool tiles.jpgKeeping you swimming pool clean can provide you a nice cool dip in hot summer. Today we are sharing you 8 effective tips about how to clean glass pool tile. Read on and get ideas if it is time to clean your pool tiles. Find out the answer about How To Make My Swimming Pool Tiles Sheeny Again?

1. Cleaning Organic Matters

Organic materials such as leaves, soil anf grass should be cleaned away from your swimming pool area once a week. A vacuum cleaner would be helpful to clean your pool wall and floor flawless and unstained. Outdoor pool exposed to air is easier to get organic materials and debris, which will requires you more cleaning time.

2. Brushing Your Glass Pool Tiles

Use a stiff brush to clean the build up on your glass pool tile once a week to clean away the white calcium deposit building on the tile surface. It’s better to do it twice a week in hotter days. Regular cleaning can avoid the stains becoming stubborn, and make the cleaning work easier every time.

3. Drain Your Pool And Clean Once A Year

Calcium deposit is hard to clean out and they might stay although you have a regular cleaning for your glass pool tiles. Drain your swimming pool once a year and bruch your pool line and around areas can help your do with the big problems. You can reduce the pool water level before brushing tile, if you do not want to drain the pool.

4. Use The Proper Cleaning Soluction

Remember to use the right cleaning solution for your glass pool tile. Handmade chemical including vinegar diluted with water or baking soda is a good choice for stubborn stains. For those tougher calcium and buildup, you may need to use pumice stones or ask a pool specialist to make an acid text for a right solution. Double check with the pool tile manufacturer if you have doubt about the cleaning products for tiles.

5. Pumice Stone for Stubbon Stains

For tough stains, pumice stone will work more effectively than a brush. You find the product from your local pool supply store. Be careful to use it gently on your pool glass mosaic tile, and it wont hurt your pool tile.

6. Soda Blasting

If you cannot handle the pumice stone well, soda blasting is a safer alternative to remove the calcium stains without damaging your beautiful glass pool tiles. Nevertheless, it is often done by the professional, if you are not skilled, then ask a pro to do this job.

7. Buy A Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool cover is well designed to keep your swimming pool at a pleasant temperature during warm days, most homeowners love it for it can save energy on cleaning work, for the cover can keep the organic matters and debris and prevent the water evaporation that might cause calcium buildup.

8. Balance Pool Chemical Level

Keep your chemical level at optimal level for your chlorine or salt water pool, preventing algae to grow stains and damage your tiles. The imbalance between calcium level and pool pH makes calcium scale, you should lower the pH level in pool water if possible. And try to use a osmosis water filter to remove the calcium if the case is serious.

More frequently you clean your glass pool tile, making you easier in next cleaning. On the other hand, if you plan to re-tile your pool, Bluwhale Tile specialized in pool tile mosaics wholesale for many years, can provide you high quality glass pool tile for projects.

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