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More and more people would like to choose swimming pool glass mosaic tiles for pool finish owing to their versatile and pragmatic qualities. Glass mosaic tiles do not readily crack or fade, needing way less maintenance than those pool tiles that are made of ceramic or porcelain. Also, glass tile has a reflective surface that can make itself shines in ambient or artificial light, giving the pool a brighter and magnificent look.   

Step 1

The very first step is to drain the pool. Then get rid of any protruding piled up by brush hammer for an even inner surface. Places around lightings and pipes also take the same solution but with a light chipping hammer, since they are fragile and not easily to handle.    

Step 2

Clean the pool inside by mean of hose with a pressure nozzle. It is attainable in any tool store. Before the next step, remember the pool must be put aside until the surface is completely dried. The standard is there is no visible water stains on the surface. Among pool specialists, there is a professional word for this, called saturated surface dry.          

Step 3

Level joints between ground and light fixtures by filling hydraulic cement in and around. Then voids and cracks in the same way until you make sure floor and walls at a level.       

Step 4

Next is to set up an elastomeric membrane according to the manufacturer's instructions. It takes about 6 days for this membrane to fit in the pool.  

Step 5

Following is to leave the saturated surface dry again as it might get wet during the previous step. Wipe away any dust or debris on the back of the glass tile sheet. This is important to the next tiling work, as tile and substrate may not bond tight together.      

Step 6

Keep mixing tile adhesive until you get a creamy consistency, then leave it unmoved for about 5 minutes. Then use it immediately after a second stir. You have to proceed the mixing work for ample adhesive supply. Or else it might produce a negative result that the adhesive is not adhered efficiently to the tiles.

Step 7

Use trowel that has a toothed edge to spread the mixture on the pool surface. Then put the glass tile sheet gently on the adhesive and put forth your strength slowly till you feel the adhesive is evenly distributed and bond horizontally with the tile. Keep on this process until all the tiles are put up.  

Step 8

You may need to cut a full-sized tile in needed shape for joints between wall and wall or wall and floor. These fragments are to be installed in the same way as the previous step that demonstrates how to install the full-sized.

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