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Now many households will lay waterline tiles instead of the total interior. However, the dirty substance of the pool waterline not only destroys the whole appearance of your pool but will keep you from jumping into the pool, therefore, keeping the waterline clean is the primary thing.

To awake your memory, the pool waterline or spa where the pool water reaches the tiles, or the fill line but not the real line. As time goes on, the originally clean tiles will get squalid and discolored. Not every household will hire professional swimming pool maintenance workers to clean their waterline, and if you prefer to doing this job by yourself, we are preparing some tips to keep the waterline clean.

What’s On The Waterline Mosaic?

Either scale or stain will make the pool waterline becoming increasingly dirty, moreover, if you have the hard water sediment or smudge in kitchen sinks or tubs, this stuff will appear on the swimming pool surface. After the water is naturally evaporated, limescale will occur while calcium deposits adhering to the sides of the pool interior. They usually come out as white or gray dross and is hard to clean up. There are two main elements of the dirty:

The first thing is Calcium silicate, as offwhite stuff, which is a harder element of the two, principally because it stayed on the surface of the swimming pool longer than calcium carbonate. You need to prepare some muriatic acid to test this stuff and to see if there's a chemical reaction. If it doesn't react, it might have a good chance of being silicate and you should use a pumice stone to clean it.

The second thing is Calcium carbonate, as a white flaky substance, which will float on the pool’s surface or stick on your waterline tiles. Not like the calcium silicate, calcium carbonate will go to react with hydrochloric acid and produce plenty of bubbles. We suggest you use a stain eraser or pumice stone.

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Dealing With Staining and Scaling

How long you will spend on this cleaning job is depending on the type of staining and scaling as well as how long have they cling to the waterline tiles. This cleaning job might not be too complicated but it will take much of your time. You'd better increase it a little at a time for those with widespread discoloration on the surface, which will help decrease the number of algae and tincture storing up in your swimming pool.

1. Removing from any organic matters

Somethings just like leaves, turfgrass clippings or dirty soil are classified as organic matters, which you can clean them up easily by a scrape or using a vacuum to accelerate the process.

2. Brushing your waterline

With a scrub brush, you can clean the removal of the calcium carbonate working fleetly in a circular motion. In the other case, if your swimming pool isn’t too large and you’re cleaning a short length of waterline, you might choose another tool like a toothbrush taking the place of the stiff brush, which is more gentle on waterline pool tile.

3. Considering a cleaner

If you prefer to using the chemical-free method whenever possible, there are some cleaning agents you might already have and you will save more money. For example, if the dirt and tainture are relatively small, you can consider the handmade cleaners like baking soda, food vinegar or dish soap to deal with these deposits.

If the stains are too stubborn to remove away, you would like to buy some professional commercial tiles cleaner such as harsh and acidic cleaning chemicals. Here, we suggest you testing on a small area of the waterline surface or asking your cleaner supplier before starting the cleaning job. Wearing protect gloves and making sure that you have a few days to wait.


Instead of rebuilding and repaving the waterline tiles of your swimming pool, you’d better to regularly clean them up while the hazardous substance appears to the pool’s surface. Not only saving lots of maintenance costs but also keeping your pool look clearer. Bluwhale Tile, as a professional pool tile supplier, will provide more pool building, renovating and maintenance knowledge for you as well as create more imaginative tiles. Now, contact us for samples to see and touch!