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That’s a great difference among repair, resurfacing and remodeling. They affect your budget to varying degrees. You normally don’t want to take a costly remodeling if all your pool needs is just a repair. Similarly, you don’t think it wise to spend many money on repetitive repairs when all signs suggest your pool is in desperate need of a complete remodeling. Today in this article, BluwhaleTile will give insightful thoughts about how to inspect your swimming pool to decide what it needs is a repair, resurfacing or remodeling.


If repair is all you need, then your job is so much easier. All you have to do is call up pool specialists, they are experienced at those small problems and will handle them properly. Some issues are so insignificant that you can solve them out sufficiently by yourself. Below are some common repairs you may encounter and there are some corresponding articles BluwhaleTile published for your reference.

1.     Out of order facilities (pump, filter, heater, alarm, etc)

2.     Tile problems (fall-off, broken, cracked, haze-over, etc)

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3.     Pool water leakage

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4.     Chemical imbalance (stains, algae, pH, etc)

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If you don’t see the resurfacing traces and prolong the time of resurfacing, you will end up taking remodeling on the pool. Once you neglect the fact that the situation of your pool is getting worse, things will be out of your hand and only a remodeling can help you. That means a huge new expense. This is what every pool owner do want to see. So it is important for you to keep an eye on the following signs that remind you go for a resurfacing.

1.     Stains

It does not mean when you see a single stain, you are supposed to certify it as a sign of resurfacing need. However, it is still worth your attention. If you find out stains come over and over every time you clean them up, you should be alert. The stains could be spreading and erode the pool finish, especially for those vinyl pools. Stains generally arise from algae reproduction, imbalanced chemicals and dirt pileup. Therefore, the best way to keep your pool free of stains is to take regular cleaning and monitor the index of chemicals and make them rebalanced.  

2.     Roughness

If your pool surface is getting rough, that means it is going in a bad way. Deterioration is inevitable as pool surface has to be immersed in water that is complicated chemicals mixed for a long time, yet it can be delayed by ensuring the pool is clean and no chemical imbalance problem.

3.     Leaks

If your pool is damaged, then it commonly will have difficulty in water holding. In other words, pool water will be leaking quickly if seriously damaged or slowly if the damage is unobvious. However, water level will give you hint of leaking. Observe the pool carefully for a period of time you will tell the difference. And of course you should exclude the volume of natural evaporation. If your pool need to be added water more than once a week, then it is likely to have a leak.


Remodeling is actually a great improvement to a pool. As times goes by, you may find your pool is well-worn including the design, the equipments and the functions. You want your swimming pool catches up with the latest trend o modern pool design and appears more integrated into your courtyard. One reason is that landscape does not stay the same neither does your house. Following are some situations you may want a remodeling.

1.     Outdated style

If your pool does not meet your taste for the reasons of insufficient budget, poor designer and limited land, etc that time, you may now want to give a great enhancement. Redo the shape of the pool, add water features, add a spa, change the depth of the pool…there are many things you can do for the pool remodeling. Go for a research before you start then you will have lots of materials for comparison and find out the best combination.

2.     Multiple problems

If there are too many problems occurring and you think a remodeling would be better than many times of asking professionals to fix each individual problem, then it is a good chance to put it into effect. Before you make a decision, it is suggested listing all repair parts and calculate the expense. Is it higher than a pool remodeling. This is one of the important point you should consider. Next is your willingness or desire of a pool remodeling.

3.     Eco-friendly trend

Today there is a growing sense of protecting the environment among people. Swimming pool industry also follows the trend and develops out many eco-friendly facilities and try to make pool a recycling place such as transforming common pool into saltwater pool, reuse the pool water and using auto system to save energy, etc. If a brand new pool helps you lead a sustainable life, that is so great, don’ t you think?