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Pool mosaic tiles can not last forever, as time goes by, your swimming pool tiles may lost its shimmer and color-fading, getting dirt and stains, becoming less beautiful. And you can do the following 2 things to make your swimming pool tiles look glossy once more.

pool tile cleaning.jpg

Step 1: Cleaning

First of all, you have to clean the tiles. Once your swimming pool is drained for the season and tiles are open to the air, cleaning tile must be done. Use a brush and cleaning chemicals to start your clean work. For those stubborn tiles, you can use power tools to buff and scrub the tiles. After the pool tiles are cleaned and scrubbed, the tiles shine is brought back. And then, to keep the shine finish, you should move on to the next step.


pool tile maintenance.jpg

Step 2: Protecting

Try to apply a clear coating to protect the shine on your pool tiles. There are special waxes and chemical coating can be purchased in your local pool care shop. The coatings can protect grimes from settling back on tiles. And it is important to monitor the chlorine level of your pools, killing the bacterias that produce grimes and keep your water safe for family use.  

That is not difficult to keep your pool tiles new again and you can do it yourself in the above two steps. Bluwhale Tile does our best to help you solve out the frequently asked questions for swimming pool mosaic tiles.