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Last time we have introduced our popular 4 items of triangle ceramic tile for swimming pools , and see how these tiles beautify a swimming pool from the post “ 4 Popular Pure Blue Triangle Mosaic Tiles for Swimming Pool Design”. Triangle mosaic tiles is a creative and well-like product line of Bluwhale Tile, a collection including both triangle ceramics and glass mosaics in pure color and playful geometric patterns. And today, we would like to recommend you 3 triangle glass tiles in blue color, which will give an entirely different style from triangle ceramics.


Sanitori pure blue glass mosaic triangle TRG-SA-P3.jpg

Featured product: Sanitori pure blue glass mosaic triangle TRG-SA-P3

Choose dark blue color to add more depth and dimension to your swimming pool. Our dark blue triangle glass pool tiles used on pool bottom creates a mirrored effect and sophisticated look, going to appear deeper even black at night. If you want to have an ocean-like big pond on your resort villa house, this tile pattern is a great choice. Choose light blue grout color to fit the tile color, its geometric shape enhance any pools’ values.

ocean-like villa pool with 2 inch dark blue triangle glass pool tiles.jpg


Sanitori pure blue glass triangle mosaic tiles TRG-SA-P2.jpg

Featured product: Sanitori pure blue glass triangle mosaic tiles TRG-SA-P2

Medium blue tile color would be the most traditional and well-accepted pool colors. TRG-SA-P2 swimming pool glass mosaic tile features a pure medium blue color, matte finish with geometric triangle design, which can be used to create a simple, stylish and timeless pool style. Medium blue pool can appears lighter in bright backyard and darker in shaded backyard, if you want your pool brighter and looks wider, try to equip some pool lights.

 traditional pool with 2 inch medium blue glass mosaic triangle tile.jpg

Sanitori pure blue glass triangle mosaic tiles TRG-SA-P1.jpg

Featured product: Sanitori pure blue glass triangle mosaic tiles TRG-SA-P1

The light color pool tile can reflect lights and add shimmer, making the illusion of a larger pool for you. Meanwhile, light blue pool tile can builds a cooler pool as sun is reflected rather than absorbed by the tile. Our triangle blue glass mosaic tile works perfectly to bring a tropical beach feel to any swimming pool and piscine projects.

tropical beach pool with 2 inch light blue triangle mosaic tiles.jpg

If you are inspired by these 3 blue triangle glass tiles and want more glass mosaic tiles for swimming pool, chat with us today to get our latest product catalog.

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