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Summer is a season full of leisure, passion, and energy. Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy the family fun in the water. When talking about family fun in the water, swimming pools are inevitably the most important part. And what’s important to a swimming pool? Well, one of the most visually notable parts of a pool is the swimming pool tile. Pool tiles not only provide an aesthetic ambiance, but also are playing a very import role in utility. Whether it’s your first new swimming pool or a renovation for the pool you already have, choosing the right pool tile is inevitalbe, yet could also be challenging. The process of installing, most of the homeowners will probable leave it to their contractors, so this part won’t be a big problem. Maintaining and repairing the tile is easy. So, the very first and important part is choosing the right pool tile.

First of all, why use mosaic tile for swimming pool? There are three obvious reasons to be pointed out.

1.Durability. Mosaic tile is a long-lasting material. With proper and necessary maintenance, most tiles will last for decades. As long as the tiles are installed properly and careful cleaning is executed, they’ll hold up well for many years to come.

2. Versatility. Mosaic tile is versatile. It can be used for the bottom or sides of a pool. You can choose a standard pattern or a custom design.

3. Variety. Mosaic tiles come with a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and sizes. There are a lot of swimming pool tile designs for you to choose. But you need to take some time and do some research. If you’re looking for something that will add an iridescent look to your swimming pool, mosaic tile is the right product for you. Mosaic tiles come with different materials, they can be used in any part of your pool, bottom or the sides.


Like tiles for kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool tiles are available in almost unlimited range of colors, styles, shapes and patterns. That’s why it could be challenging in choosing and deciding what tile to use. So, now here comes the next question: how to choose?         


Generally speaking, there are two kinds of popular mosaic tiles that are used for swimming pools-ceramic mosaics (or porcelain mosaics, you can consider porcelain mosaics as a better version of ceramic mosaics, with better quality and lower water absorption rate, and usually more expensive) and glass mosaics. Ceramic mosaics have been used for pools for centuries and stand the test of time. Glass mosaics are relatively new, but have earned popularity in recent years for swimming pools.    


If you’re looking for a tile that can blend naturally with both the inside of the pool and the surrounding area, glazed porcelain mosaic is a good choice. You’ll feel very comfortable on the feet in a swimming pool tiled with glazed porcelain mosaics, which makes it a very common option for pool owners.


If you’re looking for something more sparkling and striking, glass mosaics are a good way to go. Offering a wide variety of colors and special designs, glass mosaics will make your swimming pool distinctive. What’s more, glass mosaics are reflective and provide a lot of width and depth for your pool, making it seem larger and deeper than it really is.


It takes time, patience to find the right tile for your pool. You need to research carefully, knowing the look you’re trying to accomplish. It’s not only about what’s in the pool itself, but the surroundings as well. The tile you use in the pool will also benefit the features around your pool.


You can find many tiles that can be used in and around swimming pools. For instance, the pool tiles triangles series from Bluwhale Tile offer a variety of patterns created in the unique triangle shape. Made from high-quality and low-water-absorption-rate porcelain, they are perfectly suitable for swimming pools, while the unique triangle shape and patterns are a plus. Now let’s take a closer look.


Wouldn’t it be lovely to use this tropical fish pattern triangle pool tile series in your pool and make it lively?

swimming pool tiles designs.jpg

Featured Product: BCZ011

Tired of using the mundane square and rectangle shape for your pool? Then you’ll definitely wanna try the swimming pool triangle series from Bluwhale Tile. With creativity, almost infinite patterns can be created with these little triangle elements. For example, the dark color chevron pattern BCZ009. Using the simple triangle shape, in dark and light colors, to create the impressive and classic chevron pattern, is just neat and clean.  

pool tiles triangles.jpg

Featured Product: BCZ009

If you’d like something a little bit more complicated, the blossom pattern BCZ010 is a great choice. Imagine when you’re swimming in the pool, and the bottom is tiled with these blue blossoms, swinging with the water, looking gorgeous and shining brightly under the sun. You’ll feel like you’re swimming in a flower sea. 

swimming pool tile suppliers.jpg

Featured Product: BCZ010

With creativity, these tiles can turn a standard swimming pool into a piece of art. For more triangle patterns, please visit the Triangle Series.

Bluwhale Tile, as one of the swimming pool tile suppliers, it’s dedicated to making your swimming pool the talk of the neighborhood! Now if you’ve decided to move forward with this triangle series for your pool, please feel free to contact us!