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When choosing standard swimming pool tiles for pool design, you should not forget the accessories tiles, which is the good partner of swimming pool tiles. Accessories tiles come in variety of shapes and size for you, including grip tiles, anti-slip tiles, L-shape cutter tile, and corner tiles. They have a common size at 240x115mm for the whole swimming pool.

With these accessories tile, your swimming pool can be beautified and standardized to the large extent.

swimming pool edge tile.jpg

Few people knows there are designed accessories for swimming pool ceramic mosaic tiles, to meet the requirement of all different pool radians, there are many types of handmade corner tiles, for different mosaic tiles have different radians.

Do you sure what effect a good corner tiles will make to a swimming pool?

swimming pool corner tiles.jpg

Mosaic accessories tiles with a required radian when working with mosaics tiles, will create the solid line to swimming pool. Moreover, you can choose the color you want, it is soft and beautiful.

Mosaic accessories tiles have smooth circle arc, not sharp lining, it is a safe design for most swimmers.

Mosaic corner tiles have done with the dead space with all swimming pool. The clean work of pool is easy to do, meanwhile there is no space for bacteria to hide and grow.

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