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Nowadays, there are more and more swimming centers. For a series of reasons, such as defective designs and processing, cursoriness in swimming pool tiles quality control, the completed swimming pool have lots of problems when it starts operations.

Lenth deformed of swimming pool bottom, scratch of swimming pool tiles, swimming pool wall tiles falling off, these quality problem are common during pool installation and use.

Then, how to avoid these problems?

The main reason why your swimming pool tile, swimming pool mosaics going to scratch and fall off, is that the pool mosaic tiles you purchase are not right and of a bad quality. Sometimes in order to reduce down the cost, most people choose the common exterior wall mosaic tiles, interior ceramic tile, large ceramic tile in 300x300mm, but not the professional swimming pool tiles. As a result, these pool tiles offer a service life less one year, and cost you more in repairing and maintenance, for they are not anti-proof enough, too large size and inferior water absorption.


Moreover, swimmers are often hurt by the fallen off pool tiles. Without a professional ability and skills at pool tiling, it makes most of your swimming pool tiles needs repairing after using few days.

Remember that an pool designer of rich experience is also important for a successful swimming pool.


Asking some advice from the high quality swimming pool tile supplier, including the tile grouts options, and choose a professional pool builders, that will make sure your finished swimming pool at high quality and longevity.