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Mosaic murals are getting more and more popular in swimming pool designs. Meanwhile most people have questions for them, so let’s find the answers today!

1. How many types of swimming pool mosaic murals? And how to choose it?

By its materials, mosaic murals can be divided into ceramic mosaic murals, glass mosaic murals, glass cutting murals, stone mosaic murals, seashell mosaic murals and stainless steel mosaic murals and so on.

As swimming pool are exposed to water for a long time, glass cutting murals, stone mosaic murals, seashell mosaic murals and stainless steel mosaic murals are not the ideal material for pool. And ceramic mosaic murals and glass mosaic murals will be good options. Mosaic murals will make your common swimming pool active.

2. How to collocate mosaic murals in different pool areas?

Generally, there are pool-bottom murals and pool-wall murals according to the construction place. Most people take a set of mosaic murals for the pool bottom paving, and swimming pool tiles and pool mosaics for wall cladding. You can also choose more sets of mosaic murals you like, just depending the area of pool.

Remember that you should choose the beautiful border tile for pool wall decoration. Some customers also use swimming pool mosaic murals on the wall for creating a 3D effect, that will make you immersive.

3. When ceramic mosaic murals vs glass mosaic murals, which one is better choice?

Ceramic mosaic murals:

Chip size: 23x23mm, 48x48mm; Sheet size: 300x300mm


1) manufactured in a 1200° temperature, ceramic swimming pool mosaic will not get scratched exposed to water, strong stick to wall and will not fall off as time goes by.

2) The glazed surface of ceramic pool mosaic is highly resistant to acid and alkali elements, without color-fading.

3) Easy to clean and maintain.


1) less sizes for option. Smaller mosaic chip sizes for a smaller mosaic mural, the effect of the larger mosaic mural chips are not perfect.

2) Less colors for options. Too many murals colors to make an ideal effect.

Glass mosaic murals:

Chip size: 23x23mm, 48x48mm, 15x15mm, 10x10mm; Sheet size: 300x300mm


1) Glass mosaic tile comes in variety of colors, color matching is available and you can make a complicated murals.

2) Various sizes for options. Even small mosaic chips can make a nice murals for pool.

3) Glossy surface, easy to clean.


1) fragile, you should be careful when doing installations.

2) Hard to paste the glass mosaic tiles on the wall, especially when the mosaic soaking in water for a long time, the glass mosaic will fall off. Compared with ceramic mosaic tiles, glass mosaic can not last as long as ceramic mosaics.

All in all, both of ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the material depends on your demands. Moreover, now ceramic mosaic murals are becoming more popular among customers. For its longevity and glossy glazed surface, it is ideal for a beautiful swimming pool creation. More importantly, ceramic mosaic tile is safer than glass mosaic tiles.

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