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What is pool edge coping?

As it is known to all, pool edge coping plays an important part in swimming pool, which makes the swimming pool of a finished-look. Without pool edge coping, a swimming pool would look unfinished and lack of style and class. It is said that the coping takes a chance for a decorative accent to greatly level up the pool appearance.

Importantly, pool edge coping make the swimmer safer for it provides a non-slip surface and smooth edge to your pool. When swimmers in the pool hang on to the top edge, they are grabbing on to the coping. Generally, the coping is mounted on the bond beam to cover the pool’s concrete edging and hide the steel projecting from the pool’s wall. It also prevent the water from drop behind the pool shell and reintegrate the tile and finish of a swimming pool.

Remember that coping should be installed in a correct way, water splashed out of the pool should flow away from the pool and down into deck drains. The coping should be inclined slightly away from the pools.

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What is the best coping tile for pools?

When you want to select a high quality coping tile, yo should focus on its practical features. This tiles not only serve as a decorative edging for pool to conceal the concrete edge, but create an nonslip surface which safe for swimmers walking.

Coping can be cast into form in specific lengths, corners and curved sections. There are variety of edge paving tiles for choice, pool edge coping tiles as a vital embellishment can make your pool stand out, especially when you choose a contrasting color to your area.

Pool edge coping tiles come in wide range of colors, styles, materials and shapes. Porcelain pool tiles at Bluwhale Tile are well designed for pool coping and available in lots of textures, colors, patterns as well as sizes. Actually I think there is nothing better and more beautiful than porcelain edge tile coping, which will enhance the value of your swimming pool to the utmost extra extent, creating a smooth and seamless look to any pools.

Bluwhale’s blue edge tiles are perfect for different styles of swimming pools, simple tone and easy to install, high quality with a long service life. Your pool will reach a new level of style and get a designer looks by using these blue pool edge tiles.

Do-it-yourself: How to install pool coping?

Porcelain pool coping

1. Buy the high quality standard porcelain tiles for pool coping from your local supplier. And make sure the pros and cons of each tile for your applications.

2. Choose the similar colors and thickness to the exist pool to ensure the solidness in the appearance.

3. Removing existing coping material by a wet saw if necessary

4. Run strings around the pool perimeter to make sure the straight installation at the precise height.

5. Before mixing and applying the grout, manage a dry run of the layout for the porcelain tile.

6. Follow the instruction for the right grout mix for coping setting bed. Mix only enough grout to word ahead so that it will not dry our too quickly. Each coping should be positioned evenly into the grout bed.

7. Tap the coping level with a rubber mallet and check the equality of tiles with the carpenter’s level.

8. Fill the holes where the grout squeeze our and clean those excess with a sponge rather than wipe it. And allow the grout to set.

9. Brush the coping down with a stiff fiber brush and rinse the tile with water to clean stains.

10. Finally, apply a sealant on it.

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