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There are lots of questions about the waterline tiles when you are going to start your inground fiberglass swimming pool. Here I will get the best answers for 6 most frequent asked questions regarding on the fiberglass swimming pools.

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1. What type of waterline tile is used?

Actually, the tile used on fiberglass pool is the same as on concrete swimming pool. Nowadays, frost-proof ceramic border tiles and glass border tiles are becoming more and more popular in pool designs.

2. How to install the tile on the pool?

Using silicone based adhesive and grout to apply the tiles to the surface of fiberglass shell. With the use of silicone products, the tiles are allowed to flex and move with the pool. If you pay focus on its stain-resistance, you had better choose the silicone grout rather than the cement based grout used on concrete pools.

3. How long of the service life of border tiles on a fiberglass pool?

One important factor of the pool waterline tiles service life is that how well the pool owners keeps their water balanced. Generally, swimming pool tiles will last 8~14 years on average.

4. How much will waterline tiles cost?

It depends. But remember that the initial cost of the pool waterline tiles is much lower than the replacement costs which takes approximately double times. So regular maintenance is vital to the pool.

5. Whats the best time to add the border tiles?

Some pool owners ask if waterline tiles can be added later, while although it is possible to install perimeter tile on the fiberglass at any time, it is still very hard to do it in a way that looks professional if done after the pools coping has been done.

Essentially, something needs to be done when the swimming pool is initially installed.

6. Does having waterline tiles add significantly to the care of a composite pool?

No, you may clean the grout lines between the tiles once to twice a year or a total of one to two hours of additional maintenance per season.