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If you are going to host a poolside party, the backyard would be the most favorite destination, where the swimming pool plays an important role in your dreamy backyard. Your ultimate pool design depends on the backyards’ area and shape, while its aim is to extend the living space into outdoors. Feeling the fresh air, blue heaven, and landscape, if you still have no idea to design your swimming pool, following is the extraordinary and stunning outdoor swimming pool for recommendation, made by Bluwhale’s products.


backyard poolside with 4x4 inch ceramic pool tile.jpg

This backyard swimming pool brings highlights and more fun to your party as well as the house. Unquestionally, you would have a great party time with your family and friends in such a pool paradise. It is also a big investment to have a pool for your house, which enhances your house style and adds values especially when you want to sell the house. We choose our wave mosaic tileto cover the pool bottom, it pairs with the stone coping tile to build a noble atmosphere.

wave surface 4x4 pool tile.jpg 

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The 4 inch wave pattern tile is made of durable ceramics, long lifespan and water-resistant,highly recommended for swimming pool installation. The wavy surface brings a good feel to touch and can make your pool floor less slippery.

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4x4 inch blue wave pattern tile for swimming pool.jpg

To add exotic beauty and elegance to your swimming pool, you can make something special to it. Air shelter and our 4’’X4’’ blue pool tile get the job well done.

Blue can always make a cool and fresh statement, it is suitable for almost every home, meeting needs of different home styles. The simple blue swimming pool tiles and the crystal clear water is charming and attractive for people, enjoying in the environment.

The space would be lovely and comfortable during the party day, especially getting more spectacular after dark. With dark blue color, these mosaic tiles can be also used indoors for wall cladding, backsplash, flooring and elegant non-slip pool decks.

Whether your home backyard is small or large, traditional or modern style, Bluwhale Tile provides variety of glazed mosaic tile for swimming pool to dress up your individual welcoming space. The mosaic material you choose from us will still lasting beautiful and functional as time goes by!

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