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Blue swimming pool is common to see, while there are some pools are really eye-catching as they are to look at, with wacky fashion and mesmerising designs. There pools can be found in most high-end hotels, which to be one of their top selling points.

red pool tiles.jpg

Today let us look at the red pool from The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand. I was shocked by the blood-red waters at my first sight, while the red water of the swimming pool may look initially alarming, actually the red hues are set by the red tiles of walls and floor.

Some of you may think it looks off-putting, the red color of pool is not due to the water itself. Such a vibrant tone can be easily caused by the red pool tiles, which can make your pool outstanding next to the azure surroundings.

No doubt that this red pool will catch most tourists’ eyes and highly rate for the hotels, it is creative and extraordinary!

If you have fallen in love with this pool design and want to have a try, it is not difficult for you! Choosing the right red mosaic tiles for pool will make you succeed. BCK401 at Bluwhales would be a good choice for you, this ceramic mosaic with a glossy surface and pure red color can add classic and modern style to your pool. A 48x48mm size, is easy to install and clean.


Featured: BCK401

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