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A new borderline is a perfect solution for you to cover an ugly waterline stains, unattractive marks or just renovate your pool fad. It is an affordable product, durable and easy to install, bringing your swimming pool back to life.

In our collection of border tiles, you can find amount of possibilities of borderlines design for your swimming pool, that can make your pool look new again very easily. And you can find both ceramic border and glass border in popular design, wave mosaic patterns and some interesting marine animals, creating a solid waterline. These border tile are not only designed for pool, but also ideal for finishing the backsplash area around a spa place.

swimming pool borderline design.jpg

Ceramic Border Tile

Ceramic borderline is widely used in many pool finish, they are designed to stand the chemical treatment in pool space. If you are repairing your existing pool, make sure you choose the quality ceramic border piece that will work, and imagine how these tiles add beauty to your water oasis. And blue color would be a right choice and that is best selling one.

marine pool border tile.jpgmarine pool borderline.jpg

Playful in ocean animals patterns, these border tile will liven up your wholesale swimming pool space. 

ocean pool mosaic borderline.jpgpool border tile design.jpg

pool borderline design.jpgceramic pool border tile.jpg

Glass Border Tile

Our hot melt glass border features creative and stylish in pattern designs including geometric motif, ocean wave, and animals. They are produced to make a statement and add highlights to your pool style.

geometric glass pool borderline.jpgfish design pool border tile.jpg

So, making your pool more interesting and up-to-date by using a decorative waterline tiles, enhancing the feeling of fun and relaxation from the pool.

For wholesale pool tiles, please feel free to contact Bluwhale Tile, who has rich experience in manufacturing pool mosaic tiles for over 10 years. There are so many pool borderlines to choose from, sample can be provided here for helping you make sure the quality and designs right for you.