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Ready to transform your backyard swimming pool from functional to marvelous? Considering remodeling your swimming pool in the coming spring? You might encounter the same problem as other pool owners do: any body of water can be a well-designed oasis on torrid summer. But most are seen as a functional space, that is, just great for swimming, relaxing your body and spirit, but rather than good for eye pleasure. If you are one of them, it is time to throw it a thorough or partial makeover, whichever you need.

The easier way to inject vitality to your outdoor pool is to add touches of your personal style. From nature lovers to fashion chaser, everyone plays magic on the pools in their own way. Some are focusing on the color of the pool; some are keen on additional decorations and furniture, such as potting, LED lighting, floating decor, umbrella, tent, bench, etc; Some are feeling need to upgrade the equipment, like adding heater so it is possible to enjoy warm spa in winter, or replacing control system from manual to automatic.

There are in general four main finishes for the outward appearance of swimming pool – tile, vinyl liner, plaster and aggregate. Amongst, tile is the best material to add value, decorative and functional. Often, real estate with a tiled pool will sell at a higher price. Also, it is one of the most affordable ways to add luxury to the pool because of its durability, wear resistance and artistry. Pool owners usually opt to mosaic pool tiles that are featuring something special, such as unique triangle pool tile, ice crackled porcelain pool tile, vintage fambe effect pool mosaic tile, etc. All these pool tiles offer prices within a reasonable price range. That ensures you a fabulous pool upgrade with limited budget.  

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Of course pool mosaic art is a popular choice to add personal style as well. Pool mosaic is a common variant of mosaic mural. The biggest difference is that pool mosaic is able to use under water and lasts long even suffering corrosion, algae and temperature change. It is glass mosaic tie art for pools that draw the most popularity. Because it has intricate color options that the ceramic/porcelain can’t compare. Also, it is excellent for outdoor pool, for sunlight will reflect through the pool water on the glass surface, giving incredible dazzle. Motif of mosaic tile art for swimming pools includes marine organism and other abstract patterns. If you want your pool to be added with a wow feature, then mosaic is a great choice. The attached article will help you choose the best pool mosaic art between the porcelain and the glass:

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With just right outdoor decors and swimming pool accessories, you can have your swimming pool ungraded effortlessly. You will be eager to show off your remodeled pool with a brand new tiled pool wall and bottom in wonderful hue. Your swimming pool is a window display of your custom personal style. Want more pool remodel tips and materials? Visit BluwhaleTile, your trusted pool tile company, which is offering a great variety of factory price mosaic pool tiles, swimming pool mosaic art, pool tile accessories, etc.