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When it comes to home decor, there are many kinds of mosaic tiles to choose from, ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, etc. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, shades, tints and hues. Sometimes after walking into a showroom, seeing so many tile patterns, you wouldn’t be the only one to feel a little bit overwhelmed and don’t know what to choose.  

And when it comes to swimming pool tiles, perhaps most people would think their options are simply boring, because most of the swimming pool tiles are blue or green!

But one day, when youre feeling upset and dont know what kind of mosaic tiles to choose for your bathroom remodel, after seeing so many options in the showroom and doing a lot of research on the internet. So, you go out to your backyard and have a walk, and suddenly you notice the blue pool tiles in your swimming pool, and think to yourself: blue looks great and fresh, why dont I give it a shot?

So here comes the question: Can I use swimming pool tiles for my bathroom?    

Swimming pools and bathrooms have something in common, which is theyre both places where theres water. So, tiles used in these two places need to be water resistant and durable. But still, theres difference. For swimming pool tiles, first, the glazes have to withstand pool chemicals; Second, because pool tiles need to be submerged in water almost all the time. Thats to say, there is a higher requirement for pool tiles than regular bathroom tiles.  

So, the answer to your question above: yes of course, you can use swimming pool tile for your bathroom! And not just bathroom, you can also use them for your kitchen backsplash, hallway or living room and so on. As long as youre okay with the limited color options.

But one thing should be kept in mind, not all of the regular tiles for home decor can be used for swimming pools. Because some regular tiles are just ceramic tiles and the water absorption rate is not good enough for swimming pools, and theyre not durable enough to withstand the effects of freeze and thaw cycles, or pool chemicals.

When it comes to choosing tile for pools, ask the sales rep in the showroom to make sure the tile can be used in swimming pool, or go to a pool contractor.

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