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Physical education has received increasing attention. For the convenience of citizens and to enrich their lifestyle, regional governments invests heavily in athletic facilities in recent years. As one of the most important sports in Nationwide Fitness Program, swimming has achieved further development. Quite a few commercial capitals have been invested in the related infrastructure construction, including community pools, stadium pools, resort pools and water parks. In this article we will be going to talk about how to choose a right tile for these four kinds of pools.

Community Pools

Most residential quarters are equipped with adult pool and kid pool. They are both covered with ceramic pool tiles. The differences are kid pools often have interesting swimming pool mosaic art installed on bottom and a shallower depth compared with adult pools. Generally, kid pools are 0.4-0.6 meter high and the adult are 1.8 meters high. It is convenient and cost saving to enjoy swimming without going outside, so whether a residential quarter has a public pool or not has become a main selling point for property developers, and what’s most important, people prefer living in such a well-equipped community. There we can see a new opportunity to any business that is related to swimming, such as pool contractor, pool tile supplier and pool construction company. However, not every residential quarter has a swimming pool but at least there is a shallow pool for decoration as shown in the attached picture.

pool tile blue blend.jpg


mixed blue swimming pool ceramic tile.jpg

blue pool tile BCK008

Stadium Pools

Stadiums are often equipped with a standard sized competition pool, which is 50 by 25 meter or 50 by 21 meter. Those pools are usually installed with 240x115x9mm international standard pool tiles. Pool bottom covers with light blue pool tiles, amongst insert several lines of dark blue tile to differentiate each swim lane. Generally, a pool in a dimension of 50 by 25 meter needs pool tiles of 1700 square meters. Also, it is required to be surrounded by anti slip pool edge tile and grip tile. They are safety measures to prevent you from scratch, hurt and any accidental harm. There are two main types for grip tile: one is full body, the other is glazed. As BluwhaleTile sales statistics show, customers prefer beige colored grip tile. For those who want a pool edge which is more tolerant to dirt and eye catching, dark khaki grip tile is a good option. There are many more pool tile accessories for your safety protection – non slip pool edge tile, skid resistant aisle tile, anti skid floor tile in shower and locker room. For more info about pool tile accessories, you may like to read Use Tile Accessories To Professionalize Your Pool.

pool tile accessories.jpg


swimming pool safety tile.jpg

dark khaki non slip pool edge tile.jpg

non slip swimming pool tiles BCZB503

beige anti slip grip tile.jpg

swimming pool anti slip grip tiles BCZB605

off white skid resistant pool grip tile.jpg

non slip pool grip tile BCZB606

Resort Pools

Pools in hotel and resort seem to appear artistic than other pools. They are unlimited to shapes so you can see them in rectangle, oval and even concretized geometry like violin shape. They can be a edgeless pool facing ocean. They can be an indoor spa-like pool as well. As for pool color, there are plenty of choices, blue, green, blend…as for tile shape, square, hexagon, round…as for material, glass, ceramic, stone…different choices and collocations lead to many distinct results.

edgeless swimming pool design.jpg

hotel spa like pool design.jpg

Water Parks

Water park is burgeoning as a new entertainment venue in recent years. A water park usually occupies an area of more than 7000 square meters, amongst there are standard pool, surfing pool, drifting pool and paddling pool. Most pools are equipped with recreation facilities such as water slide and wave generator. Water park is large scale and requires abundant investment. Of course, quality pool mosaic tiles are necessary. Different pools have different demands for pool tiles. Standard pool, surfing pool, drifting pool usually use 9mm thick pool tiles which are pressure resistant; kid pool tend to use color-blended ceramic/porcelain mosaic tile and mosaic art for pools.   

water park swimming pool.jpg


blue blend ceramic pool tile.jpg

mixed blue pool tile BCK012 


Different pools need different kinds of pool tiles. This is important especially for pool tile purchasers to remember. If you want more wholesale discount and professional service about swimming pool tile, welcome to visit and leave a message. We will respond your request as soon as possible.