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There are many factors to consider when choosing a pool. You may have found no matter inground or above ground pools can be constructed with three main materials – fiberglass, vinyl and concrete. Amongst, concrete pool is the most popular. If budget allows, many households would love to have one. Even so, every thing comes with its pros and cons, concrete pool is no exception. In case some of its common problems would scare you off, BluwhaleTile suggests you reading on for beforehand acknowledgement. This article is intended to help you understand tile problem detection, one of the most important components of concrete swimming pool.         

Concrete based swimming pools may have some issues, but generally speaking the pros far more than outweigh the cons. Concrete pools are not restricted to size and shape. If space is available, they can be built as large as you like, just equipped with suitable facilities. Also, they can be oval, round and several shapes combined. There are many ways to inject artistry to your swimming pool. An ordinary concrete pool has elements such as the coping, the ladder, the facilities, and of course, the interior surface. Interior surface plays a significant role in the outer appearance of the pool. It affects how pool water looks like for the most part. Hence, ensuring mosaic pool tiles a brand new look is the secret of a enduring appeal pool.           

scum causes chemical pileup on waterline swimming pool tile.jpg

Tile can be installed throughout the pool inside or just on the surrounding edge, known as waterline swimming pool tile, while the rest are vinyl painted. Many households would prefer the latter, for it not only saves materials but can decorate the pool as beautiful as complete tiling. Besides used as a decoration, tiles installed there are engineering friendly. Compared to painted surface, tiles are extremely resistant to stains. When people swimming in the pool, secreta like oil are produced. It will float and develop a thin oily coating on the water. Without the help of tile border oil would pile up on the surface in a form of a scum line. Border tiles in a pool act as a trap for catching dirt and debris and make them unobvious on top of the water. When it comes to tile problems in swimming pools the most common is to find tiles delaminate or crack because of improper installation. In fact, tiles in a pool can and should last 20 years or more. Even, they can last twice this long if substrate is strong enough. 

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Delaminating Tiles - Delaminating tiles are easy to detect. Just use a hammer, stick or anything that has certain weight to knock the tiles lightly and listen which ones sound different. If tiles are separating from the substrate partially, when you tap, they will make a deep sound. There are many reasons for tile delaminating situation – dislocated deck, unripe substrate, incompact grouting… there is similarity among all reasons, that is, allowing water penetrate into the substrate. Water breaks down the parallel structure between tiles and substrate so tiles are prone to peel and fall. Often you just removed the delaminated part of tile and reinstall the new, but sometimes in very serious case you may need an all-sided remodel. Remember to select pool tile mosaic that are of high quality and durability for second tiling so as to increase the service life of the pool.

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Cracked Tiles – Tiles can crack for many reasons such as weather (extreme temperature like ice formation), chemical erosion and external physical force like shifting deck. As the adhesion of tiles depends heavily on mortar, a thin medium connecting tiles and substrate, if mortar or substrate break then the tiles are going to move and crack also. When you fix tiles in concrete pools you need to first remove all debris, tiles and mortar concluded; then clean the exposed surface with acid cleaner of a certain concentration to make sure there isn’t any impurity left. There are many more tips that can help you fix swimming pool tiles well. If you would like more info then BluwhaleTile suggests you to read one of our published article Tips Day: 5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Swimming Pool Tiles.  

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