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Long time after using your swimming pool, some environmental contaminants and minerals in water can make your swimming pool tile dirty and stained. Some substances, especially the calcium, is hard to clean and remove, causing heavy damage to your pool tile. If the pool tiles are not maintained in correct ways, unsightly marks and scratches are also caused. Following, let us find out the effective tips to keep your swimming pool tile sparkling.

1. Regular maintenance

Dirt can be built up on swimming pool tile if you leave it for a period of time, focus on all cleaning aspects if you want your pool nice and new. Sometimes, you just keep the water clean to save your cleaning time and effort, as a result, itll be more difficult to remove the stubborn dirt next time. So, better to check the tile once a week and make regular cleaning for it.

2. Drain the pool before cleaning it

After draining the pool, all parts of swimming pool is accessible, it is easy for you to reach and remove all dirt. If you dont want to drain all the pool water, you can simply drain 6 inches of water or enough water to allow you to stand in the deep end comfortably while you work, which is suitable to clean hard dirt, but impractical for regular maintenance.

3. Take the right products and tools for it

Ask the pool tile manufacturer about the cleaning product and tools you need, choose a cleaning product is designed for the dirt type you want to remove. Also you need to get the acidic cleaners for calcium buildup. Remember not to use stiff or hard brushes on tile, for this will damage the tile’s finish. Buying a tile scrubbing brush will get your cleaning work simple and effective.

4. No radical changes to your pools acidity level

Adding chemicals to the water will change the pool acidity level, although pool cleaning products are designed for pool work. Following the cleaning instruction from the manufacturer and do not use more than the recommended amount. Gels is a good choice, which is easier to use than powders or liquids, for they are less likely to run down the tile and into the water. Wipe the cleaning products away with a sponge rinsed in a bucket of clean water, instead of rinsing it into the pool water. When using harsh chemicals, remember to protect your eyes and skins.

5. Use bead blaster for stubborn dirt

If you have no idea to remove the hard dirt by many means, then a bead blaster will help you a lot. Nevertheless, make sure that you have chosen the right material and the correct air pressure setting to avoid damaging the pool tiles. The air pressure should not be set higher than 40 pounds of pressure. Ask a professional for help if you can perform it on your own. While this cleaning way is effective and save you much time, but it will cost you more and risky.

Swimming pools are exposed to lots of elements, especially an outdoor one. All in all, offer a regular maintenance to your pool tiles reduce down the need for expensive and time-consuming cleaning. Use the cleaning products and tools recommended by the pool manufacturer or builder to get the damage away from your swimming pool tiles' finishes.