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Hurricanes are overwhelming during summer every year. You may suffer losses on tearing rooftop, wrecked car and of course messy swimming pool area if you have. Precautionary measures can greatly reduce the risk. Taking protective action before the storm is not as hard as you think, though that surely need much caution. In the following passage BluwhaleTile will give you more helpful tips in details.

Long-term Investment

1.     Install a safety cover that is made in strong material. You may think a thin plastic cap makes little impact on storm prevention and mitigation. Yet, it is actually the most economical way to prevent debris heading into the pool and damage the outer appearance of the pool (pool edge, mosaic pool tile, etc.) with great acceleration of gravity when violent wind is howling. If it is a portable pool instead of a permanent pool like concrete pool, a durable cover is worth installing too though filled-up water can help stay the pool in site, you still cannot guarantee debris will not fall off and break the pool.

2.     It is highly suggested every swimming pool owner should invest waterproof plastic over for electrical items. Swimming pool is a specific place that is not like any other occasion. Swimming pool cannot be called swimming pool without water. Put aside some optional water features such as fountain and bubble that people like to add to their modern pools, foundational facilities that are used to keep the pool in normal function cannot do without electricity. It is hard to imagine how dirty the pool water will be if filtration and circulation system stop running. Storm means the risk of electric leakage increases. It is particularly dangerous for those power switches that are unsheltered. Pool specialists often advice people to build a hovel for temporary or permanent storage such as equipment, furniture, tool, etc. so that you don’t worry about everything becomes a chaos when whether is getting worse.

Right Before The Storm

1.     Tie up the safety cover in the four corners if it is a rectangular pool. Or you can attach the cover from more than four directions. You can add as many as points until you think the cover is totally tied up. If your cover is a little heavy. Then do not take a risk to put it on the pool, as violent wind will turn it over or even blow it off easily. After making sure the cover is pinned but not tight, plug around the pool edge with towels, pool noodles or other soft stuff to prevent wind penetrating from the leak into the pool and peel off the cover.    

2.     Remove all portable accessories such as sunbath bench, umbrella, floating decors, toys, etc and move them into a shelter. In this way, they will not be blew to another place so you don’t worry it is hard to find them out when the storm is gone. What’s more, light-weighted things will cause damage to the circuit and lighting easily. Tidy them up as soon as possible before the storm is a wise choice. And of course don’t forget to close off all electrical systems.   

3.     You may ask is it better to drain the pool or fill it up before the storm? The answer undoubtedly is keep ambient water in the pool, and you are supposed to even add more into it. This will not only keep the pool in site but also help keep filter on the ground if you are sincerely have no safety cover on hand, and this is the least protection you can do for you pool.  


Though storm is incontrollable, there are many things we can do to reduce damage to our pools at maximum limit. For more swimming pool maintenance tips, visit BluwhaleTile who always offers best tiles for swimming pools.