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Want to have a beautiful swimming pool? Have it ready! Following are some frequent asked questions about swimming pool tiles, maybe you have these problems also! Then time to find out the best answer! All FAQS will continue updating for you here!

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1. How many years should pool tiles last before replacement?

Commonly about 15-20 years, then they may begin to fall off. The tile can be re-attached initially, but will continue falling offer as year goes by.

2. Can ceramic wall tile used in a swimming pool?

Yes, you can use the ordinary ceramic wall tile for a pool design, while it may not be as durable as you think. Bluwhale Tile’s ceramic mosaic tile is specially designed for swimming pool use, high durability and long service life, which is welcoming in our customers.

3. Can you use tile grout in a swimming pool?

Using common cement based grout made for flooring tile will not last too long. Now there are special grout made to stand the discoloring effect caused by chemicals used in pool maintenance.

Swimming pool tile grout is made to have a waterpoof matrix in the cement that minimize the stains.

4. How to remove calcium from pool tiles?

Use vinegar and a scrubbing pad if the mineral deposit is light. Or you may need a stronger acid. And you will need a professional for even worse situations. Past, people blast the tile with glass beads or crushed glass. Moreover, a new way is to use minerals salts to blast the deposit off. The salts are soft enough and will not hurt the tile surface, it is safe in the pool.

5. Can you tile over the decorative border tile on pool?

It would be better to remove the old tile and then put your new tile in place. Your tile may fall off if you tile over the old.

6. Is muriatic acid suitable for cleaning swimming pool tile?

Yes, it is. However you run a risk of altering the PH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material that the acid might touch.

You should be careful for the acid is corrosive, i think a soft cleaner is better. Use a product like Scale-be-gone and you will get satisfactory result. Make sure that glass bead blasting the tile as it hurt the glaze on the tile and it’ll get scaled up faster that it did the first time.

7. Will a salt-water swimming pool damage a travertine deck tile?

Yes it will especially when no sealer on the tile. Sealer should be put on before the pool is filled for once the coping tile has been exposed to the salt water it is too late.

8. How to remove hard water stains on ceramic pool tiles?

You can do it yourself by using a power washer and a mineral salt to clean. It depends on how hard water stains on the pool. Also white vinegar has been proven to work time and again and is non-toxic. It is a natural way.

9. How to remove caked on salt from pool tiles?

Most of you have a salt-water pool, sometimes water will evaporate and leave behind salt crystals. Usually the problem is calcium or hard water minerals that get deposited at the water line and anywhere water splashed on the tile. The “salt” should be brushed off properly. If it is just a light film, then you can do it with acid. Some people use wire wheels, grinders, sand or glass bead blasting. Newest, least damaging to tile is water blasting with magnesium surface.

10. What is the brush way of cleaning pool tiles?

A brush about 4’’ square that can accommodate a wooden pole. With using a pool tile soap, you scrub all tiles of scum and bugs. Another professional item is a fiber type pad that attached to an aluminum pole that works better. Your swimming pool tiles should be cleaned once a week.

11. Are chipping glass tiles considered defected?

Slight chipping in glass tiles is inherent of the product and not consider a defect, these chips always get filled with grout and are barely noticeable once laid. 

12. What is the best way to remove the stains on the pool paving tiles?

Please note that do not use any type of acid but try cleaning it with the firm brush and dish soap first of all. If the stains still persists, then ask for a professional who will work it out.

13. How can i do with my discolored pool coping and deck?

Generally dirt will stains coping tiles and decking tile. Pressure washing is a good way to remove this stains and recover original brightness to pool coping and deck. And a light-acid washing on the tile will work well, algae and mildew can be cleaned by scrubbing with a paste of bleaching agent. Also, you can make a backing-soda to power the area and then spray it with vinegar before you scrub it with a brush.

14. What kind of maintenance i should do to my paving tile?

High quality paving tile will cost your maintenance less even free. Cleaning with a high pressure cleaner is a common and easy to keep your paving tiles clean and in good condition. As time goes by, re-paving may be necessary.

15. What is the best solution when my pool mosaic tiles chipped or damaged?

All out mosaic tiles are mounted on mesh mounted, which is easy to install and repair. They can be pried out and replace with new one at any time. They are an efficient product for pool.

16. How can i keep my pool decking look attractive?

1) Choosing the non-slip tile for deck paving to prevent wear and tear.

Do not use metal furniture for pool surrounding area decoration, it will stain your pool desk once 2) rust stains.

3) regular cleaning to your pool deck

4) Keep your deck area clear of overhanging tree. Leaves and fruits will stains deck.

5) Avoid spilling fertilizer on pool deck, fertilizer contains iron, which will leave a hard orange stain.

17. When can i open my pool heater on?

Do not open the pool heater until there is no plaster duct in the pool. Prematurely turn on the pool heater will damage the heater exchanger. Plaster dust is usually gone in about 5-10 days.

18. When can i add salt to my swimming pool?

Add salt to pool after 28 days.

19. When can i put my pool cleaner in?

1) on day 7 Brush the pool is any remaining plaster dust is visible

2) Do not use non-wheeled cleaner before 14 days

3) Do not use wheeled service used in the pool until after 28 days. Putting a wheel cleaner in the pool improperly will cause wheel mark on the pool finish.

20. When can i go swimming in a new pool installed?

Do not swim in it in such a new pool until the water is properly balanced and sanitized.

21. Why should i brush my pool twice a day for the first 14 days after i had it been plastered?

It is the most proactive way to protect your new investment and maximized the aesthetic quality of the pool finish. And then brush the pool at least once a week.

22. Will salt stain my pool finish?

Yes, some kind of salt have anti caking agents that can stain a new pool finish. More importantly, salt can have negative impact on the total dissolved solids of the pool, affecting the balance of the water chemistry. The recommended time to add salt to pool is 28 days and some people wait as long as 45 days to add salt.

23. How to make your swimming pool water blue?

Sometimes, a calm pool water will get its color the sky or lights, but not always. The most essential and easy way to make your swimming pool water blue is to build a blue pool bottom. Someone choose blue painting, while i prefer buy blue mosaic tiles for pool bottom covering, it will cost more but would be a much more valuable investment to pool and house.

24. How much does swimming pool liner cost?

Repairing a pool liner will not cost you massive generally. The cost depends on the damage type and the pool liner area needs to be replaced or repaired, which will take you $1000 to $1900 for a pool line repair on average. While there are many factors that will raise or lower your pool line replace and repair cost.

25. How to clean swimming pool deck drains?

Deck drains is the runoff for pool water, which frequently becomes clogged with sand, dirt and leaves. To clean pool deck drains, it is better to get the tools ready, including the screwdriver, gloves, garbage bag. Putting on the rubber gloves to scoop out any dirt, debris, leaves inside the drain. Take the strong clean water to wash it until it get clean.

26. Where to buy swimming pool tiles?

Swimming pool tiles share a good market and not hard to buy it online or offline. Type a keyword in the search engine, and you will get lots of result of swimming pool tile supply. Find the best and professional one and you can find the high quality pool tiles at a good price. If you have no ideas, a best way to tell the quality is to read customers’ feedback. If you want to buy it offline, than find a pool tile store near you, you can visit their shop on your own and see samples. Importantly, you can ask for help from the supplier when installation at any time.

27. What are swimming pool used for?

In the past, swimming pool provides a public space for swim activities or competitions. While now, it plays changeably! It is common to see in private house for decoration and enjoyment, it adds fun and relax to people’s life, add value to any spaces.

28. While tiles are best for swimming pools?

Swimming pool tiles come in wide range for option. Ceramic/porcelain tile is classic and easy to install and maintain. Glass tile has various colors and will add depth to pool because of its stereo and color transparence. Mosaic tile now are popular up for it comes in variety of colors, materials, shapes and sizes. If you want a stylish pool bottom, pool art tile mosaics would be the pretty choice. Stone, brick will create a natural look to pool. You can just what material depend on your pool style.

29. What is a safe swimming pool for children?

Children swimming should go under the adults’ eyes. Create a children swimming area in the pool is necessary, proper depth and obvious boundary to keep children from the deep-water pool. If it is needed, fencing your swimming pool is great.

30. How to decide a swimming pool size?

Different pools have different sizes. For Olympic swimming pools, it has international standard size at 50x21 meters. And for home swimming pool, it depends on the area to equip with a swimming pool.

31. What is the best adhesive for swimming pool tiles?

A good pool tile adhesive will prevent your pool tiles falling off. When you want to buy swimming pool tile adhesive, you should pay attention to these important elements: adhesive ability, impervious performance, crack resistance, water-retaining property.

32. How do make my swimming pool water apperaling in green color?

The easist way to change your pool water into green color is to use green pool tiles. These tiles can make a good reflection on water, also, if you want blue pool water, then take blue pool tiles for it. Additionlly, lighting can be another element to change the pool water color, which can also add romantic sense to a pool.

33. What pool tile color can work perfectly with classic brick pool coping?

Blue pool tile color would be a good option than other colors. It is the most common and popular pool color. Blue can create a cleaner look and clean water to pool.   

34. Why tile your swimming pool?

Tiling a swimming pool can create a better appearance and add high durability to pool. Moreover, they are easier to clean and maintain than cement.

35. Why use waterline swimming pool tiles?

Waterline tiles is the final finish for a swimming pool. They can make a contrast color to your pool bottom or pool surroundings. Using a dark blue waterline tile with a light interior color will make your pool bluer. Moerover, the waterline tile will not make a dry and washout look between coping and water. Ceramic and glass waterline tile is mostly common used for its easy maintanence.

36. What is the benefits of full tiling a pool?

Full tiling a pool is absolutelt thought as the premium finish of a swimming pool. Tiling a pool offers high durability as well as limitless tile choice and designs. Good look and easy maintenance, they are smooth and good thouch.

37. Should i have a safety barrier aound my swimming pool?

Yes, especially if you have children,that is necessary. You can set a small fence around the swimming pool.

38. Should I ask a professional for my swimming pool installation?

It is better to ask an expert to handle your pool installation. Although you have read the installation regulation, a prfessioanl builder can make sure the job done right the first time. And you should know that in spring and summer, it is the most hectic time for most pool builders, so it is important to set a advanced schedule and book a pool builder early. So, before you want to make a deal, make sure when the swimming pool can be installed and how long it will take.

39. How do I decide what size of my swimming pool?

Take a precise meaurement on your backyard.

Sketch it on the paper to scale If you need some permanent features like shed, driveway, sketch them down to see what available space you have. Make some cut-outs to represent pool sizes and sketch it on paper.

Do not ignore the factores including the decking, landscaping and so on.

Install a filter system less than 18 feet from the swimming pool and close to the power outlet. Teh structure will be easier to install if the distance between the pump and power outlet is shorter.

40. How long will a swimming pool last?

Swimming pools normally lasts 5 to 15 years, which depends on the pool quality, pool building materials and pool cleaning and maintenance.

41. How can I get my swimming pool last longer?

Do not leave a leaky line stay in your swimming pool for the pool water will eat the wall away. So, check the leakage at a regualr time and patch it once you found it. Regular and careful maintenance is important to keep your pool new.

42. How can I keep growing grass away from my vinyl liner?

The ground should be treated and grass should be cleared out before installing a pool.

43. How long can I get into the pool water after the water treatment?

It depends on the chemicals you added. Normall, you have to wait for the water to turn over one full time, that means all the water pass through the filter, which typically takes 8 to 12 hours.

44. How long can I use the swimming pool after chemical treatment?

In general, it is safe to use your swimming pool after the chemical had spreaded over the pool, which usually takes 15 minutes ti one hour. Make a test to see the chlorine level drops to the recommended level.

45. How often should I test my swimming pool water?

It is better to do a weekly test for your backyard pool. While the best advice is to test your water PH and chlorine levels at least twice one week. Chlorine level should be maintained at a recommended level.

46. Why it is important to make sure pool waters chemistry correct?

Correct pool water chemistry provides a sanitary swimming environment, safety for the equipment, pool surfaces and inviting, clean water.

47. What size of pump and filter should I need?

The size of pump and filter depends on the water volume in your pool. The main function of the filter system is to turn over the pool water at least once within a period of 12 hours.

48. How long will it take to build a swimming pool?

Different swimming pools take diffenent times to finish. Fiberglass pool come pre-engineered in one piece, which is the fastest inground pool to install, just followed by the inground vinyl pool. Above ground pool can be up and running several days since no excavation is needed.

The length of time to build a poo is also refers to weather, pool size, pool feature you need. Also, you can also ask a local professional pool builder for an estimated timeline with a bugget.

49. How can I decide the design of my swimming pool?

After you have decide what the best main use of your new pool or spa, you get the design choice. Family swimming pool always comes in various designs.

50. Is it a good idea to paint my pool?

I think properly not. Painting a pool will cause a condiiton called chalking, which makes cloudy water while swimming, easpecially when in use by children, they are tend to agitate the water more than adult. Chalking will cause spotting on swimwear and clog your filter. More important, it make your swimming pool look dirty. So, buy swimming pool tiles for surfacing is more popular now. Pool tiles come in variety of designs and colors, material, it levels up your pool and provides a long lifespan.