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Hi guys! Are you having trouble in a swimming pool? Maybe you meet the same problem below, including the most common questions asked by BluwhaleTile’s customers. Take a read and find out the best answer for your swimming pool problems.

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51. Can I change my pool depth?

Yes, you can. The depth of a pool can be change when remodeling. Some pool owners want to raise their deep end to match the shallow end.

52. Can I change the pool shape?

Yes, you can change the pool shape. Nevertheless, the more drastic the change in shape, the more it will cost. If you have a budget, then you had better choose to add new updated pool choice like new steps instead of a harsh change on pool shape.

53. Can my filter and pump be moved to a different spot?

Yes, actually the best time to move a filter and pump to a different spot is when the pool renovation is done. It is good to put the pump and filter system in a plave where it will not be seen or heard but easily accessible, such as the side of house and behind a shed.

54. How can I level up the look of pool area at night?

Landscape light would be a great way to highlight the outdoor experience at night. After the dinning, most homeowners like to relax outdoors. A creactive and beautiful landscape lighting system will add art sense to your swimming pool area. Lighting options now is more various. Adjust the ambiance to suit your mood both in entertainment and romance.

55. How do I choose the best pool tile for my pool renovation?

Choosing the best pool tile is important for the success of your pool renovation. A professional pool tile supplier can provide you both quality products and renovation tips. You can buy the pool tile online, remember to read other customers’ feedback carefully, that will help you to choose the right tile. While if you find a local pool tile supplier, that is more convenient. You can visit the local shop and get some samples, make sure the tile quality and ask help from the supplier anytime.

56. How long will a swimming pool renovated?

The time to finish the pool renovation depends on the scope of work. If you want to replace the coping swimming pool mosaic tiles, plaster, it is estimated that the swimming pool and hot tub remodel can be completed with 2 weeks or less. If you want to change the pool and the whole backyard with concrete decking, plumbing, and equipment, then it will takes you several weeks to finish at least.

57. How long will it take me to finish the pool surfacing as well as the edck and coping remodel?

The length of time a pool be finished is referred to the extent of the word we are performing. A swimming pool being refinished with plaster or pool tile can be done in 10 days or less. Other plus construction like the decking, equipemnt requires more time.

58. Should I add handrails to pool for safety?

You had better have it for your pool. Handrails is another pool safety products to keep swimmers safe. They can be installed around swimming pool. Stainless steel handrail is rustproof and will not damage from expose to water anf sun.

59. What can I do to remodel my pool area to enhance the value of home?

Adding some special touch to a pool can enhance the backyard space to create a relaxing space and add values to home. Fountains, waterfalls, natural rocks, lighting, outdoor kitchen and spa will make your pool stand out and add values to home.

60. What feature can I add to my swimming pool area?

You can add what you like, there is no limitation if this can level up your swimming pool. Water features, lighting, rock waterfalls, splashing, spas, swimming-up bars and underwater pumps, whatever you can imagine is ok.

If you have problems about swimming pools, welcome to visit Bluwhale Tile, here we will share you all many swimming pool guides for beginners, you will find out the best swimming pool answers. 

61. Should I serve the pool once a week?

Serve your pool once a week is a good way to maintain your swimming pool good-looking, healthy and sparkling. Especially it is important to the pools’ service life and swimmer’s health.

62. How to find a local professional pool shop in my area?

Search a result from the internet, or ask your friends who have referred local professional pool shops, that would be a good advice to you.

63. How to make sure pool construction on schedul and on budget?

Before sign your contract with pool builder, you should agreen on a estimated timeline and a detailed budget. While it is obvious that there are some unforeseen factors to alter the schedule and affect the budget. Bad weather, customer change request and permit delays, all these will affect the pool project. But, a great pool builder will comminucate with you throughout the project to make sure the project succeeded, achieving the customers’ satisfaction.

Do remember to ask your pool builder how the schedule and budget going.

64. Is it better to maintain the swimming pool by myself?

It is a choice to maintain your swimming pool by yourself. Proper pool maintenace needs weekly supervision. All the chemical levels inclduing chlorine, alkalinity, p.h. Etc should be maintained at a safe level. If you are not professional and know little about it, then it is better to ask a pool professional to do it.

A pool professional is trained to discover all change in the pool performance. They can immediately find out the problems and make a repair plan to recover the pool back up to 100%.

65. Is it good to seal my swimming pool paving area?

Sealing your swimming pool paving area will bring you underestimated benefits, with the sealing, the pool color can be enhanced and be resistant to stains. This make sure the long service life of pool, and required less repair and maintenance.

66.  How can I find a professional Swimming Pool Tile Wholesaler?

Search the suppliers brand online and get some information of them. A professional pool tile wholesaler have large tile stock and certifications.

67. Where to Buy Swimming Pool Tiles Near Me?

You can buy swimming pool tiles online or from your local store. Search pool tile online and get reviews from other buyersto decide which online seller is best for you. While if you choose your local pool tile stock, it is more convenient for you to ask help once you get trouble in pool installation.

68. What are swimming pool border tiles?

Swimming pool border tiles is one accessory for your tiled area, it is important for the completion of the whole finished design.

69. Why use border tiles for pool?

A good border tile will liven up the whole pool space. If you want to create a decorative edging or level up your tiled pool, you need to use border tiles.

70. How to choose a best pool border tiles?

Pool border tiles are made from different types of materials, among which, porcelain border tile and glass border tiles are highly popular. Choose high quality border tile in right size and color, and make sure your pool style! If you still have no ideas, then ask a pool tile professional or expert, who will give you a series of good ideas and save your times and cost.

71. What types of swimming pool should i choose?

Swimming pool has different types, styles, themes, shape and size, etc. Think what your swimming pool are used for first, and you will know which type of pool is best for you.

72. What makes swimming pool water blue?

The pool water color is mostly related to the tile color you choose. If you use blue pool tiling, then your pool water appears blue. And sometimes, the water color is affected by the sky color, and lighting.

73. What size of swimming pool should I choose?

Your building area decides your pool size. So make a precise measurement on the installing area first of all.

74. When should i uncover my swimming pool?

Be sure to uncover your swimming pool before go to swim. And remember to replace the cover on the top of swimming pool completely and securely.

75. What is the standard size of an indoor swimming pool?

The size of a general pool is not limited, with a 1.6m-depth.

76. What is the standard size of Olympic pool?

Size at 21x50m, depth of 1.8m

77. How to clean swimming pool?

A regular pool cleaning will save you much time and energy at the next clearning work. Take some cleaner and necessary tools to make it easier.

78. How much swimming pool maintenance cost?

If your swimming pool is covering by high quality porcelain or glass swimming pools, then it is easy to clean and takes you few time to finish it with some cleaner, clean water and a brush.

79. Is it good to build a swimming pool with glass mosaic bottom?

Yes, it is. Glass mosaic is getting populat in pool covering for its wide options and changeable styles. Moreover, with small chips, glass mosaic is anti-slip enough to keep swimmers safe.

80. Should I install a waterfall for swimmig pool?

Waterfall is another popular decoration and water feature for a pool. With a beautiful waterfall, you swimming pool is level up and raised in value.

81. What kind of pool tile can make pool interesting?

To make your swimming pool more interesting and funny, you can use some pool mosaic murals or pool tile fish mosaics by Bluwhale Tile.