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Looking to spruce up your hotel spa areas or private backyard swimming pool without spending a massive chunk of transformation? Feeling the urge for a more beautiful look or do you need to tie together a theme for the summer? You can easily do this with a sample installation of a pool mosaic mural. Swimming pool mosaic art range from simple to sophisticated style, funky to contemporary, colorful to solid color. Mainly, whatever you feel would best suit your characteristic and personality.

Pool mosaic is a form of art that makes pictures, designs, or borders using small but colored pieces of hard targets. These hard targets could be porcelain or glass that has been altered to showcase a fabulous tone! The mosaic mural can be purchased as images, decorative items or be installed into an existing structure.

By utilizing a mosaic mural in your swimming pool or hotel spa, you can transform the whole appearance of the focus of your space without changing the swimming pool itself. It’s the perfect way to enhance your leisure space.

Glamour Flowers

Taking about the pool mosaic art theme, you can really let your imagination run free due to whatever you go for, you can be 100% sure that whatever you choose your swimming pool will end up looking unique and stunning. That’s the large advantage of mosaic pools. They are never just swimming pools, they are pieces of art. Therefore, whatever you go for bright-colored charming flowers or solid tone glamour flowers decor your pool, you won’t do wrong.

When it comes to materials for pool mosaic art porcelain and glass tiles are most frequently used. Both have their advantages, but ultimately you will choose your preference based on the perfect effect you are trying to achieve with your pool or spa.

flower pattern mosaic art

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gold mosaic art

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colorful swimming pool mosaic mural

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pool mosaic art

Customized this blue-toned flower pattern, visit here: Flower Series BGE020

rose pattern pool mural

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flower pattern mosaic art for spa

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blue tone flower pattern

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Vivacious Animals

Do you prefer the thought of interesting marine life swimming in the ocean depths, having a perfect time cutting through the water, and feeling the sun's warm temperature on their skin? Therefore, why not recreate that scene within the depths of your swimming pool so you can be reminded that there are wonderful times and memories to be found every day.

Let’s feel the sun while you’re swimming and feel the pool water rushing past your body or soak in the spa. At the same time, looking down at your pool mosaic art and appreciating these fancy fish or marine creatures swimming right alongside you.

pool mural

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 dolphin pattern mosaic art

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dolphin glass mosaic art 

Customized this lovely dolphin pattern, visit here: Pool Art Dolphin

There is something about swimming in the ocean while on holiday and searching below you at all the sea life and plant life teeming with vitality and good health. There is something to see each moment you look and it’s inspiring to know that millions of these micro creatures survive every day against pollution.

Want to create that inspiring feeling in your own swimming pool? Then why not replace the existing mosaic tile floor with a replica of the ocean floor? Customized one right now!

marine pattern mosaic mural

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12 ocean animals pool mosaic art.jpg

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dolphin pattern mosaic mural for sale

Customized this vivid deer pattern, visit here: Pool Art Deer

deer pattern mosaic art for pool

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butterfly pattern mosaic art

Customized Styles

If you’re loving the appearance of pool mosaic art but you want more, then this is the type of style that would best suit your characteristic! Search for designs that incorporate more than one type of pool mural, such as alternating tiles in the same tone but then install a focal mosaic art piece.

This look is customized and will freshen up the dated mosaic tiles that generally exist in your swimming pool area. Using tones from the color family adds a different look to your personal pool while the focal design, such as a celestial sun, draws everyone's eye and invites your friends to dive in for an invigorating swim.

pool mosaic supply

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custom pool mosaic art

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ustom pool mural wholesale

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tree pattern mosaic art supplier

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customized mosaic art

These symbols have been around for centuries and some people even believe they can bring fortune or luck to those who believe in them. A simplistic but profound design such as this one is the type of swimming pool mosaic art that attractively catches your eye without taking away from the natural beauty.

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gradient color pool mosaic art

Want a custom gradient swimming pool mosaic art? We’re here to make it happen! You can choose a custom blend of tones as you like. Simply email Bluwhale Tile to receive a quote for custom colors in any of our gradient pool mural patterns.

mosaic art company

We’re a professional pool mosaic art designer and supplier, after receive your custom pattern, our designer will make the pattern drawing and after confirmation, our factory will make it within 20 days. And then, you will get the unique pool mosaic art!

Get Inspired?

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