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Glass mosaic tiles have become the designers most favored option of building material for swimming pool as well as kitchen, bathroom flooring, wall cladding in living space. Glass mosaic tile is creative enough to help you achieve the space look you want. While the use of glass mosaic tile will have its pros and cons, lets make clear of it!

Pros of glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiles provide endless creativity to your swimming pool, you can achieve various pool looks with it. Glass mosaic tiles come in many colors, size and combination you need. You can make your stylish combination for a distinct look. No doubt that you can add elegance and timeless beauty to your swimming pool with glass mosaics.

Whats more, glass mosaic will reflect lights, which will make your pool more spacious and have a strong visual effect.

Compared with ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic tiles are more resistant to stains, mildew and molds. Glass mosaic tile keeps the nature and green concerns to pool design.

In addition, glass pool mosaic tile is easy to clean. You can just simply wipe away dirt with a wet cloth and some mild detergent. It will not develop stains, chemical damages seldom happen to this surface, it offers you a long service life for pool.


Cons of Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tile will cost you more than ceramic mosaic and stone materials. Glass mosaic may easy to get scratched, especially when it is used in a traffic-area, such as kitchen. Once scratch happens, its attractiveness will be reduced. You need to replace the broken glass mosaics, that will add to your overall cost.

When install glass mosaic tiles, considerable expertise is required, for glass mosaic is tend to chip during cutting process. For a huge pool project, installation will take you time and energy, more intricate designs will need more time and expertise.