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First of all, a swimming pool is a very special environment-acid and alkalinity, day-long and year-long sunlight, the pool tile’s submergence in the pool most of the time, which requires some unique characterictics from pool tile and makes it different from regular tile. Now let’s take a look at the special characterictics that pool tile possesses.

1. Water Absorption: ≤0.5%. Pool tiles with proper water absorption provide firmer bond with the pool tile adhesive, which makes it not easy for the pool tile to fall off. So pool tile needs to be water resistant.

2. The quality of the glaze: the glaze must be acid-resistant and alkali-resistant; fade-resistant when left exposed to full sun on an ongoing basis; dirt-resistant ability needs to be stronger than regular tile, easy to clean and maintain.

3. Stable chemical characteristics: harmless to human body skin.

4. With good quality and won’t crack because of the expansion from heat and contraction from cold, it has to be very durable.

5. Can withstand the water pressure, and be submerged in water for a long time, on an ongoing basis.

6. Anti-slip: pool tile has to be anti-slip, no matter when it’s wet or dry.  

So, if regular tile is used in swimming pool instead of pool tile, what will happen?

1. The life of the tile will be shortened. Usually after half a year the tile will begin to fall off.

2. The tile will get dirty easily and it’d be very difficult to clean after the blots penetrate into the glaze, even professional pool cleaning agent is used, it’s hard to get rid of the blots.   

3. The glaze will fall off, be corroded, especially in spas, heated pools, and then the pool tile will fall off eventually.

Conclusion: When you are buying tile for your new pool or pool renovation, make sure the tile can be used in swimming pool, check the water absorption. Or let your pool contractor do the purchase.

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