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Crystalline glazes are one a one-of-a kind decorative glaze. What are crystalline glazes then? To put it simple, when the glaze becomes molten and then cools down slowly, the crystalline materials in the matrix of the fired glaze are in an over-saturated state, then forms the crystals of beautiful patterns, some of them like blossoms. This kind of glaze is called crystalline glaze. If well combined with proper colors, crystalline glaze can achieve fantastic artistic outcome!

Crystalline glaze had sprouted Back in the Song Dynasty in China. There has been study that shows the Ru ware glaze of the Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127) has been proved to be one of the earliest crystalline-phase separated glazes in ancient China, even in the world.    

To form crystals in the glaze, first of all we need to schedule a range of temperature that’s suitable for the growth. Keep the temperature within this range for a certain amount of time, then we can get crystals in large shapes. Actually the shapes of the crystals can be controlled by temperature. For instance, crystals usually form as needle-like shapes when the temperature is held at about 1140℃(2084℉). A double-axe-head shape will usually form when the temperature is held at about 1100℃(2012℉). It will encourage the shape to round out to hold the temperature between 1090℃-1010℃(1994℉-1850℉). You can have flower-like effect when the crystals are fully rounded.

It usually takes a long time for the crystals to grow. The size of the crystals depends on the length of time and the control of the oxidation. In the meantime, the thickness of the glaze is also very important. General speaking, the best thickness should be 1 to 1.5mm.   

Crystalline glazes have been widely used in decoration, for instance, vases, plates and mosaic tiles. Check out more crystalline glaze mosaic tiles.  



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