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When talking about swimming pools, spool is a word that you may be unfamiliar with. Just as the name implies, spool is a blend of words spa and pool. A spool is generally measured about 12 feet long and 8 feet wide, which is apparently smaller than an in-ground pool but at least much bigger than an average spa. If you are a workout lover but have limited land for a standard rectangular pool, spool will win your heart if you continue to read the following passages.


Doing Exercise In The Spool

What is the difference between a pool and a spool? It is spool that installs with powerful jets that will create current against the way people are going to swim. This allows you to work out in a relatively small space. So to some extent, a spool can be called a swim spa. There are some given tips if you use this spa for exercise. One is that when you plan for a workout, you need to control the temperature of the water in a mild status, as if you don’t you will be more likely to  suffer cramp. In this way, you might want to first use the spool as a pool for workout. Them later in the day or evening, open the heater immersing in hot water for muscle relax.


Deciding If A Spool Is Right For You

1.     Land is limited in your house.

2.     You cannot afford a swimming pool and a spa, but you want to enjoy the benefits of both.

3.     Spool can be kept cool while you are swimming and warm while you are relaxing.

4.     You are wandering whether spend bunch of money building an in-ground swimming pool.

5.     It is flexible if you choose a removable type and can be installed indoor or outdoor.

6.     Spool is more convenient to maintain as it is smaller than a regular in-ground pool.

7.     It doesn’t take up los of place in your yard. Even, it can be built at higher floor if in half-open way.

8.     When not in use, a well-designed spool can serve as an attractive oasis in your house, particularly if it is embellished with beautiful swimming pool tiles, LED lighting, prosperous plants, etc.


Before Making A Decision

While a spool sounds like fabulous in any occasion, it is not suitable for everyone. Do a trial at a friend or family member’s house, study carefully around your neighborhood to see which ones have experience in building such a function-blend pool, or try to consult a local pool/spa contractor for advice. Make sure you will be not regretful once all things have done. In this course, you may find out you tend to build a swimming pool for large crowd gathering like wedding and barbecue. Alternatively, you may find out only a small spa is perfect and can satisfy the needs of spirit refreshing and health keeping. Like anything, it takes time and patience to verify what is best for you.


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