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Yes, it’s festive to dress up the pool and nice to gather your family and friends round the pool, enjoying the time of the year to celebrate togetherness and connections. Yet there are a few things you need to know before you throw a Christmas pool party.

First of all, pay attention to safety. Safety always comes first! Check out a few safety points below.

1. Lighting. Try to use submersible battery operated LED lights that have been rated as waterproof and safe for use in the pool. If not all, at least make sure the lighting within 5 feet of the pool are 100% safe. It’s dangerous to use 110V plug-in lights strung up across the pool. Electrocution could occur and nobody should take the risk!

2. There might be things floating in the pool for decoration, for instance, candles, beach balls, balloons and flowers etc, block the entrance to the skimmer so it doesn’t get jammed.

3. If swimming is not planned during the party, and I think probably not due to the icy coldness of the water, but still put some No Swimming, No Diving or No Pushing signs in the backyard and make it clear to prevent any accidental falls into your pool.


Second, Pool decoration Ideas & Tips:

1. To begin with, you can change the pool water color to match the festive decorations around by adding some green or red pool dye, or any other color you like.

2. Christmas lights. You can have some Christmas lights hanging around, or some waterproof colorful LED lights floating in the pool. Of course, floating candles are also a very good options and they look cozy for the festive spirit.

3. You can even move the Christmas trees outside and put them around the pool, the festive ambiance would be awesome!

4. Balloons. Lots of colorful balloons are absolutely a cost-effective way for Christmas pool party decorations. They can be hung around the trees, strung across the pool, or floating the pool.

5. Although your guests may not be swimming due to the cold weather, however, if you have a spool beside the pool, itd be awesome! Heat it up and let the guests relax in warm and therapeutic water. Provide towels for your guests and keep the towels warm by placing them near a space heater or keeping them inside. Ensure theyll be warm when your guests are finally ready to get out of the spool. This is such a nice touch for winter pool parties!   

Welcome to share if youve got any other ideas that are not on the list.  



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