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Human being are always astonished at everything about the universe. Reckless comets, marvelous nebula, rotating planets and mysterious black holes widen your horizons and enrich your understanding of what the world is like. It’s an experience similar to a leisure time entertainment in your residential pool or spa, where you will meditate on the meaning of life unconsciously.

Private space like pool and hot tub area is a breeding ground of inspiration. In this place, you could be suddenly enlightened while being caught in a dilemma that you have no idea how to move on. No matter you want to relieve stress via swimming exercise or a therapeutic bath, atmosphere plays a significant role. Overwhelming elements of an acclaimed swimming experience include splendid pool design, high water quality and sophisticated facilities. What’s important, pool tile serves as a mainstay of the general design that pool owners have no reason to neglect.

BluwhaleTile Venus Cloud Series, a new arrival inspired by the Eight Planets of Solar System, has already launched. This is a glass mosaic series designed with the exclusive features of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus, which also decide its modern look. Modern pool tiles have been gaining increasing popularity these year and become one of the top pool tile ideas in 2017. BluwhaleTile captures this opportunity and hope Venus Cloud Series can help you create a universe-like swimming or bathing space, in which your mind would get refreshed.                

1.    Stormy Jupiter

Jupiter is a planet that storms can be found throughout the atmosphere, and most of them seem never stop swirling. This causes many different cloud formations and makes Jupiter a very stunning planet.

The golden orange whirling pattern seems like a storm sweeping the ground on Jupiter. Looking from distance, its metal-like texture creates a style of post-modernism and futurism, which can be applied as glass mosaic backsplash in kitchen, bathroom and living room.

glass mosaic tile kitchen backsplash.jpg

brown glass mosaic tile living room kitchen bedroom.jpg

Feature at: Venus Cloud BGN901

2.    Freezing Uranus

Uranus is another planet that can make a real difference on a beauty level. It gets a blue-green surface from methane gas, which is one of the three main “icy” materials covering above the rocky base. The other two are water and ammonia. For its far distance from the Sun and “icy” composition, Uranus is known as the coldest planet of Solar System.

The pure white pattern seems like frozen ice floating over the ocean on Uranus. Water extends along the narrow gap of iceberg. The image gives you a cool and refreshing feeling that will arouse your desire to swim in a pool like this especially in summertime.

blue glass mosaic tile for swimming pool.jpg

blue glass mosaic.jpg

Feature at: Venus Cloud BGN604

3.    Windy Neptune

Neptune, where wind blows at several hundred miles an hour constantly, is known as a laboratory of intense weather. It has the most crazy weather you can’t imagine on Earth.

The interlaced light-dark pattern seems like wild wind raging on the blue surface of Neptune. The gradient blueness texture, like fog and cloud on Neptune, are splattered and misshaped by the wind. This sea glass tile has a mysterious image.

dark blue glass mosaic tile swimming pool finish.jpg

dark blue glass mosaic tile.jpg

Feature at: Venus Cloud BGN606

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