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Have you ever thought about why your tiles for swimming pool looked brand new for several months after washing and then you found them begin to whiten as if covering a thin film of salt? There is a great possibility that pool cleaning company has sealed your tiles with TPS. Imagine how depressing the situation will be once you find daze on your tile and cannot get rid of it at all. The last thing we don’t want to see is the albescent tiles make the pool dated. In this article, BluwhaleTile will talk about why this happen in details and how to avoid it by cleaning pool tiles in a right manner.

Generally, swimming pool tiles have to be cleaned regularly, because dirt, algae and scale can be piling up and affect the outer look of the pool. Amongst, scale is a hard nut to crack. Scale is commonly known as the mineral deposit that may origin from the high calcium content of municipal water that is used to fill the pool, or chemistry imbalance of the pool water in which there is not enough acid to keep proper alkalinity.      

In this situation, there are two things you need to do. One is to lower the pH of the pool to a right level, the other is to remove the scale through physical means. It is known to pool specialists that 7.2-7.8 is the optimal pH range of pool water. If the pH test indicates that your pool water is not qualified to meet the standard, then ask help from pool professionals and follow the guidance to add muriatic acid based on the volume and the alkalinity of your pool water. For physical removal, first, you are recommended to wear safety glassed and rubber gloves to prepare diluted muriatic acid outdoors. Remember to follow the directions adding acid to water instead of water to acid. Spread diluted muriatic acid on the scale that is attached firmly on the tiles and leave it to chemical effect for a few minutes. Get the pileup off with a rag or a nylon pool brush but don’t rub the surface too hard in case the glaze coat of the tiles will be whittled off.    

Some pool cleaning companies clean the tiles too aggressively and strip the glaze off the tile surface. In order to hide the trace of making this mistake, they choose to cover it with TPS. TPS is a polymer-based sealer that can make any surface glossy. However, the seal will harden and shed in the sun exposure and immersing in the water for several months, and the harm to the tiles is permanent. So if pool company tells you it is helpful to protect the tile and prevent pileup, you should refer to another company and claim for compensation. Many pool specialists know it is a ridiculous way to “repair” the tile. All you have to remember is there is no point to seal the tiles if taking proper method to clean them. Glaze is a very important coating for porcelain swimming pool tiles, as it has ability to resist erosion and water penetration. Although you are not using ceramic and porcelain but glass mosaic tiles, you should think twice whether the cleaning method will break the balance between tile and outside chemicals.

Flowing a right cleaning method is significant to swimming pool tiles. If you want to know more, please pay attention to our blog update. BluwhaleTile is a professional company dealing in swimming pool tile wholesale for over 10 years. Here you can find the most trendiest mosaic pool tile designs.