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Reopening your swimming pool could be an exciting family event every year, marking the start of hot summer and your enthusiasm to embrace it. You and your family will enjoy with a great fun in the pool area and will become your unforgettable memory. Speaking of pool reopening, people may worry the pool looks a bit outdated or other small problems happen such as broken and cracked pool tiles. Resurfacing your pool with the most trendy and creative designs is irresistible and a shortcut to help your pool stand out in the neighborhoods again.

Swimming pool tiles are mainly small chips combining with a mesh on back called mosaic tiles for swimming pool, because pools are recommended to be installed with slip resistant tile concerning with safety problem. Most mosaic tiles are anti slip especially for those that are matte and bumpy on the surface. For this reason, mosaic tile is regarded as the most suitable kind for swimming pool tiling. Generally, mosaic pool tiles come in three main materials – ceramic, porcelain and glass. Each of them has its own pros and cons and different adaptation to colors and textures. Following are some insightful tips for how to choose mosaic tile that best fits your swimming pool.

Choose tiles that are anti slip. For the main pool body inside, porcelain or glass mosaic pool tile are great. You may ask why not ceramic. Compared with the ceramic, the porcelain have lower water absorption and higher durability. Mosaic pool tiles have higher slip resistance because small chips leave much gap for grout. Dense grout gridding helps people stand firmly in the water and you don’t have to risk slipping down every moment you step on the ground. For the pool edging, it would be best to use pool trim tile. The surface is uneven grooves, which is skid resistant so it is commonly seen in competition pool or standard rectangular pool in the gym.     

As the way you select home decors, choosing swimming pool tile in a right design should be a reflection of your personal taste and architectural style. For those landscapes that have prosperous trees, we suggest using glass mosaic tiles for pool. Ambient light will make your pool a beautiful diamond surrounded by an oasis. For traditional courtyard and if budget is limited, classic mixed blue mosaic pool tile is the best option. For those who desire a distinctive pool, tiles that are in bright colors like red and in particular patterns may suit your taste. BluwhaleTile Triangle Series is such a brand new creative collection that can add chic to your swimming pool.  

Maybe some of you don’t believe swimming pool could be far more different simply installing glass mosaic pool tile. It sincerely can make your pool more beautiful and marvelous because of its shimmering surface in the light. Also, color is melted perfectly into the glass, so it won’t lose its color easily even under the blaze sun. For this reason, glass mosaic tiles are popular in outdoor pool tiling. If using glass mosaic tile, your pool will look like new for at least 25 years. And of course it is not easy to break like ceramic mosaic tile too, it will help you save much cost on repair and maintenance.

If you are going to buy swimming pool tiles online, remember to ask samples from the dealers. For one thing, you can check quality, dimension and color of the tile to make sure it is what you want to have, because sometimes the online shop has beautified the tile picture and you don’t know whether the tile looks like this or not. For another, you can bring the samples to local contractor or pool specialist for advice. That help you find out the best from so many online tile suppliers. There is one last thing you should know. Place tile samples around your pool to see and imagine which one is best fit the landscape and your expectation. If no one, go back to your laptop and start a new round.     

Swimming pool tile is important to the outer appearance of your pool. Read carefully the tips above you will know how to find the best one. For more mosaic pool tile designs, welcome to visit BluwhaleTile, one of the swimming pool tile companies who have devoted to offering different kinds of tile products for residential and commercial swimming pool.