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Everyone might make some mistakes, particularly the pool maintenance process. However, every man has his fault and while you have a swimming pool, you will meet plenty of chances to make pool care mistakes, no matter how big or small. But beneficial mistakes are definitely opportunities for you to learn helpful lessons when you make them. Only when you learn from past experience can you avoid driving better, moreover, educating yourself on the most usual swimming pool maintenance mistakes will help you make your pool cleaner and longer service life with less troublesome things.

1. Enhancing Shock Straightway

What we call swimming pool shock is mainly concentrated chlorine, which will bleach anything with high concentration. For instance, it can make your black swimsuit become light red color or pure white become bright yellow while the chlorine is too high. If your pool is a vinyl liner, the result might be a disaster. This high concentration substance will sink the pool bottom and bleach out the pool liner where might start becoming fragile and then causing leakage.

Tips: here is an important thing to remember while you’re getting around pool maintenance mistakes is putting chemicals into the water and never mess up this order. What’s more, don’t forget to put on your protective gloves and safety goggles when you begin your work.

2. Never Brushing Your Swimming pool

The best way to remove away the floatable substance and gunk is that vacuum your swimming pool termly, which can protect your pool from building up the harmful substance and destroy your swim. However, just like human teeth, the swimming pool also needs a regular brushing clean job to keep clean. No matter how you vacuum your pool with the automatic machine or hands, you should brush your pool interior carefully.

Tips: cleaning the area where your swimming pool’s hard-to-reach space, for example, waterline or some small corners, can keep algae and other stubborn stains away from the poop. Just once a week and you will get a clean and healthy entertainment area.

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3. Opening Your Cleaner While Facing With An Algae Problem

Vacuuming pool might result in the idea of giving up your swimming pool and rebuild a farm instead of it. If you add the job of dealing with the obstinate algae to the clean list, it might become harder. Perhaps few people will know that pool cleaners can push all the algae and other fragments up through a mesh bag, which provides a chance for the algae to take a dip in the pool but doesn’t remove it.

Tips: dealing with this problem is easy, though it needs more labor. Breaking out the manual vacuum, you just need to make sure that your filter is opening and it’s in the state of waste or removes the drain plug.

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4. Forgetting The PH and Alkalinity Value

The balance of pH and alkalinity is the important elements to keep your pool staying healthy and normal ecosystems. Sometimes too high or too low pH will make the pool water become acidity or alkalinity.

Tips: Testing your pool regularly is the primary thing. Any substance can change the water chemistry at any time, therefore, using some chemicals to balance acidity and alkalinity levels will keep your pool more healthy.

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5. Backwashing The Filter Too Frequently

Normal frequency backwashing can clean the substance inside your filter, whether fine sand or diatomite. The water from the swimming pool flushes out the foul odor and harmful substance from the filter media and then drains through the drain of the filter backwash valve. But overdoing this job is one of the usual pool maintenance mistakes.

Tips: paying more attention to the pressure meter on your filter tank. After finishing backwashing for your filter, you should notice the pressure gage. Generally speaking, when it read between 10 and 15 pounds per square inch, it represents the proper baseline for an optimal filter.

backwashing the filter

6. Shocking Your Pool All The Day

Doing the cleaning work at the wrong time will waste your more money. In the daytime, your family members might swim in the pool and it’s not suitable for you to shock the pool. And shock is unstable chlorine, which is not easy to get together under the sun and it will burn off 1parts per million each hour. Therefore, shocking your pool at daytime will decrease the efficiency of your chemicals and make you lose more money.

Tips: Starting your shocking work at night, which will have plenty of time to do its job.

7. Control The Calcium Hardness

Balancing the pool’s calcium hardness is as important as pH, which is fundamental to a healthy and clean swimming pool. Because too much calcium hardness exists in the pool will make the water more cloudy.

Tips: you can consider installing a calcium hardness increaser to maintain the calcium hardness at the ideal value of 175 ppm to 225 ppm. Increasing it while you open your pool to achieve the level that you want it and check it regularly during the pool opening season because evaporation or splash out will change the level.

8. Opening The Pool Filter System Less Than Eight Hours

The filter can’t work well if it’s not open. The more time your pool filter is working, the less pollutant and microorganisms will occur. You might think it’s an insignificant mistake that can be neglect, but we also advise you to keep your eyes on it.

Tips: making your filter work at least eight hours a day. According to the size of your pool, you should allow plenty of time for all pool water to pass through the filter, which can remain your pool more clearer.

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9. Without Testing Pool Water Weekly

Having a pool in your backyard means doing many chores to thorough every day, every week, every month and even year. Don’t forget testing pool water level every week, which is an significant process and it can tell you all the small issues of the pool’s water chemistry before they turn into a catastrophe.

Tips: There’s nothing special to say. If there is that maybe test your pool water weekly, including pH and alkalinity, calcium hardness, the stability of chlorine, TDS and so on. Nevertheless, the first three are the most important and their core elements of healthy pool.

10. Wearing Casual Clothes To Swim

Unlike the swimwear materials, the daily clothes are including chemicals, fibers and other hazardous substances to your pool. Not only that, the pool chemicals will destroy your clothes. And here’re some beneficial points that will save you more cost: Pool Leak Detection, Pool Leak Detection, and Etc >>>

Tips: wear your swimwear right now!

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