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Summertime is coming soon and there’s nothing more comfortable and refreshing than a dip at the swimming pool but the question many people are asking during a global coronavirus outbreak, and is how safe is it? And in the meantime, we’ve been receiving many inquiries from our clients recently and they are particularly concerned that can people really get Coronavirus from the swimming pool?

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Can You Get Coronavirus From Pool?

The virus of COVID-19 is transmitted through tiny droplets of saliva and mucus that may be spread while coughing and sneezing. This tiny droplet can speed undiscovered from person to person, causing infection after the COVID-19 virus enters the human body’s mouth, nose, or eyes.

However this is the widely known means of transmission, science is still working out the particulars of this new coronavirus. And we found the latest CDC report that “There’s no evidence shows that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of swimming pools and tubs. The appropriate operation, maintenance, and disinfection such as chlorine and bromine in pools can remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19”.

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Watch Out When Swimming In The Public Pool

Before you go to the public pool, you should think about that: How many surfaces do you touch each time you get in and out of the pool? Because according to the latest research that the coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces like metal and plastic for up to 3 days. It may also suspend in the air in tiny droplets named aerosols for up to a half an hour, at which time these little droplets can attach on any surfaces.

At the public swimming pool, you do not avoid touching a door handle whether it’s metal or plastic and using the credit card or otherwise signing in. You’ll put your clothes on the public bench or the locker which used by many people. And then you’re going to touch a communal shower tap. Maybe you will go to the toilet after finishing swimming. There are various places for a tiny, unseen virus to cling to your body or clothes and follow your home where it may infect your family members.

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Watch Out For The People You Swim With

You might say that I have the habit of washing hands frequently so the risk of transmission for surfaces is correspondingly low. But the largest concern is the people you’ll swim or meet at the public swimming pool.

If you’re thinking about going to the public pool, ask the pool staff to make sure that the pool is being sanitized properly with chlorine and bromine. Don’t forget to pay more attention to the other people who may be in the pool with you and keep your distance all the time. If any of someone seems symptomatic, you must leave the pool and swim the next time.

As mentioned above, the Coronavirus is transmitted by human body coughing or sneezing and from other bodily fluids which might on the public towels or other moist things an infected person may touch. This can be seen in the typical case of the cruise ship COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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How To Ensure The Safety Of Private Swimming Pools?

If someone who has a private home-style swimming pool, you’re familiar with your family members or friends who are swimming in the pool, appropriately sanitized water can not spread the Coronavirus. Therefore, it’s so pretty safe using your own swimming pool at home. Or if you’re worried that someone might have the possibility to bring the COVID-19 virus into your private swimming pool area for some reason, just simply super shocking the swimming pool water, wash it down with a hose and don’t forget to add chlorine bleach solution.

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Some Tips From Bluwhale Tile:

1. Keep your hands clean and wash them frequently, especially after you’ve been in a public pool space or after touching your nose, sneezing, or coughing. Using soap and warm water for at least twenty seconds each time. If you have not soaped then you can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 75% alcohol.

2. Reducing the number of times you touch your face, especially your eyes, mouth, and nose with dirty hands.

3. Keep the social distance from other people.

4. Shower yourself before you get in the water. Washing the body in the shower for just 60 seconds helps get rid of most stuff that might be on your body.

5. Can’t swallow the swimming pool water. Just one mouthful of pool water with diarrhea germs can make you're getting sick for up to three weeks.

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