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We've just received the latest update from a client, and this particular individual happens to be an avid enthusiast of Chinese landscape painting. What sets this customer apart is their unique and passionate interest, which adds an intriguing layer to our interaction. It's always captivating to encounter clients with distinctive tastes, and this instance is no exception. The client has shared their satisfaction with the progress of their vacation resort pool installation, highlighting a delightful element that caught their eye - the installation of a captivating landscape painting on the pool bottom. This melding of artistic expression and aquatic aesthetics is a testament to the fusion of pool mosaic art with functional design. Join us as we dive deeper into the intricate details of this exceptional project.

#1 Inspired by Chinese Landscape Painting

In our recent discussions spanning the last few days, we delved into the intricacies of the swimming pool project, uncovering a unique challenge - the irregular shape of the pool. An interesting twist emerged as we considered the constraints imposed by the traditional Chinese painting paper, inherently rectangular, and poses limitations on the portrayal of the complete landscape. Armed with this understanding, we embarked on a creative journey, crafting a design that seamlessly blended the actual contours of the pool with the most fitting section of the envisioned landscape.

pool mosaic pattern

The dimensions of the entire pool area are noteworthy, spanning an expansive 166 square meters, boasting a length of 16.82 meters and a width of 13.40 meters. Drawing inspiration from the core principles of Chinese painting, wherein space assumes the significance of solid space, the pool bottom pattern was thoughtfully designed. The deliberate choice to leave the top right corner blank created a canvas surrounded by picturesque mountains. To mirror the serene expanse of ocean water, light blue pool mosaics were meticulously selected. The mountains, the focal point of the landscape, came to life with a nuanced palette - sky blue at the foothills, middle blue gracing the mountainside, and dark blue capturing the majestic mountain peaks. This thoughtful interplay of colors and shapes aimed to encapsulate the essence of traditional Chinese landscape painting within the aquatic canvas of the pool.

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#2 Creative Touch on the Waterline

In crafting the interior wall of the swimming pool, a deliberate decision was made to harmonize with the overall tones of the pool's bottom. Employing the same hues ensured a seamless visual continuity, creating a tranquil and cohesive aquatic environment. Taking a creative leap, we introduced an artistic element to the design—the waterline pattern. This intricate pattern, composed of numerous ocean blue spindrifts, served as both a functional and aesthetic element. Beyond its functional role, of delineating the waterline, the pattern added an exquisite touch of artistry to the swimming pool, transforming it into a canvas where every detail contributed to the overall visual allure. This meticulous attention to detail was aimed at elevating the pool experience, creating a space where functionality is seamlessly intertwined with artistic expression.

#3 The Installation Process

With the client's enthusiastic approval of our design, we expedited the process by promptly dispatching it to our manufacturing facility. Harnessing the collective expertise of our seasoned design team, the conceptual vision swiftly transformed into a tangible reality under the skillful hands of our artisans. A paramount aspect of this process was the meticulous planning phase, wherein our workers calculated the precise quantity of porcelain mosaic required for the project.

Commencing with the paving process, our skilled workforce undertook the installation with a keen eye for detail and precision.

pool mosaic pattern design for hotel pool

The entire journey, from design approval to completion, spanned a mere 20 days. Throughout this period, we maintained transparent communication with our client, regularly sharing detailed photographs depicting the different stages of the installation. This not only ensured our client's involvement in the process but also allowed them to witness the evolution of their envisioned pool firsthand. The collaborative approach underscored our commitment to delivering a project that not only met but exceeded our client's expectations.

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#4 Celebrating Creativity and Client Relationships

The culmination of the project was marked by a seamless conclusion, and the delivery of goods to the client proceeded without any complications. In the final stages of the project, our client, bubbling with enthusiasm, created a video to document and share the entire journey with us. At Bluwhale Tile, the cultivation of personal relationships with each client is a source of immense joy and pride. We relish the chance to extend our tile ideas globally and proudly showcase the exceptional projects undertaken by our clients. This mutual exchange of ideas and experiences strengthens our commitment to delivering not just tiles but a collaborative and inspiring journey in every project we undertake.

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