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The crackle pattern is amazing! While you put classic squares and crackle patterns together, it creates some serious magic. This traditional tile shape is gaining ground in the pool tile design world and with good reason. We are here to help narrow it down. Our square crackle tile comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They also come in three sizes with endless color possibilities.

Beginning a new pool project, but unsure of where to start? The pool color option is a significant factor and we are showing you multiple choices to consider when picking your square crackle tile color! We have various tones to choose from and we will help guide you through the endless options to find your perfect tile color!

Here is the scoop on this magical crackle pattern and classic square shape combo...

Pick Your Poison

First Step: Choose your tile size. When it comes to our crackle collection, size matters. The tile thickness depends on what size you choose and come in three sizes that each serve a particular purpose. The size of crackle tile that you opt for not only influences the personal style of the pool but the cost of your over-pool remodel project.

Second Step: Decide whether or not you want your pool tiles mesh-mounted. To guarantee a smooth installation, we typically mesh mount our regular crackle tiles for small and medium sizes unless instructed otherwise. This special back design will save your installer the headache of laying out pool tile by tile.

Third Step: Opt for a tile layout. Square crackle tiles can be laid out in different patterns and it also depends on what tile sizes you choose. The way of small size is arranged is different from the way the medium size is arranged. The small size is perfect for the small spa pool, while the medium and large size is suitable for a hotel pool or larger pool project.

Fourth Step: Pick your tile palettes. Check out our color scheme, the options are endless and various. Getting creative with glaze color is what we do best. We will help you decide if a random, popular color, a custom blend color, or something in between is best for your swimming pool.

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Small Crackles

Small crackles are perfect for small swimming pools for two reasons. First, if your select too large of a pool tile for your small pool space, chances are you will not be able to make the statement you want. If you choose a smaller size, you have more freedom to play with different glaze combos. Second, creating a glaze color combo with a smaller crackle tile will open up the spa pool space and make it appear larger.

For instance, this spa pool interior wall covers just 100 sq ft of pool space. Choosing small square crackle tiles allows for an eye-catching, illusion of a larger space. Had the pool designer chosen a larger-sized pool tile, the statement of this spa pool would have been much less dramatic.

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Medium Crackles

Given there is enough pool space, Medium Crackles provide the most amazing and appealing visual feel with pool designs. They can create a refreshing featured waterfall, beautiful pool waterline areas, and even the pool step spaces. Their exquisite patterns allow for movement that no other tiles can compete with.

Stemming from our projects with home-style swimming pools, one of our favorite ways to use Medium Crackles is to create an “everything is crackle” effect that crackles patterns from pool waterfall, and pool interior walls to pool steps.

After many trials, we have this specific space design skill so that we can now offer the look in our standard crackle tile sheets. Based on your swimming pool square footage needs, we will create easy-to-install interlocking sheets so you can get the unique pool without an extra budget.

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Large Crackles

Large Crackle Tiles are almost three times the size of Small Crackle Tiles. These big beauties are approximately the length of a pencil. Given their size, they are the most cost-efficient square crackle shape starting at $39 per square foot. We recommend using Large Crackles for larger pools with a lot of surface area or bathroom statement walls.

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Get Inspired?

At Bluwhale Tile we carry a Huge Selection of wholesale and retail large pool tiles from around the world. Check out our appealing series for Crackle Tile in various unique size and pattern designs. Whether on bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, swimming pool interior walls, or outside walls, residential or commercial design, Large Tile can add beauty to any space. Large Tile comes in a lot of styles, patterns, and tones for any personalized project. Contact us for tile samples to see and touch, you might fall in love with our tiles!