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Come on, guys! There are so many activities to do in your swimming pool, a pool should not just designed for swimming, for others, it is a great place for entertaining, especially for children’s play area. In such a hot summer, you can achieve the definition to cool off, and other endless uses are here.

host a swimming pool party.jpg

Hosting A Pool Party

It is so common and getting popular to host a party around the swimming pool. It is obivously that a great pool party can not be beat. Party’s theme is so versatile in the backyard pool. For a kid’s party, try a parrots theme to discover the buries treasure, that would be funny for children. While for adult gathering, it is awesome to create a Hawaiian Luan lined with torches and cold drinking. Nothing could be better than this around the backyard swimming pool.

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Exercising and Relaxing

It is becoming the mainstream to exercise in the backyard swimmming pool. As we all known, swimming is one the best ways to reduce your pressure from daily life and a long working, which will help a lot to improve the quality of your sleeping. From kids, teenagers to old adults, exercise in the pool not only burn your calorie, but also can recover your injury.

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Pool Games

Pool game is a must have! “Marco Polo” and “Whirlpool” is the traditional game that we all grew up playing. Nowadays, simple swimming pool toys are popular among children and adult, such as pool noodles, beach balls, and so on, this has taken pool games to a new level.

swimming pool sliding.jpg

Pool sliding

Pool siliding is a favorite for both childre and adults, it adds lots of fun to a swimming pool. There are variety of pool silde designs for different pools and users. Complex and exciting sliding is widely used in water parks, which makes most visitors screaming and relaxing when using. As for homeowners, they prefer a simple and smaller pool slide, due to the house areas and childrens safety.

swimming pool water features.jpg

Additonal features to Pool Area

Providing fun to swimmers by adding other pool features. Aside from the pool silde, waterfall, fountain bubblers, water splash, etc. And A swim-up bar would be a good choice, that provide a place for swimmers to eat and drink without getting out from the water. And now, some homeowners will equip outdoor kitchen, televisions and fireplace, spa to their pool areas to enjoy their pool time.

With these effective pool entertaining area ideas from Bluwhale Tile, you will enjoy your pool time in this hot summer, even all year long. If your swimming pool still turning off, then it’s time to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summer Fun.