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Maybe you live in somewhere with cozy winters, you might not have annoyance what a pool needs to weather freezing offseason, and you might not close it. But on the contrary, you might want to extend the pool season or do some job for protecting it against the low temperature when you live in the cold region of the north. In the last column “ Get 4 Tips: Why Extend the Swimming Pool Season is Easy >>> ”, we have shared many available tips for extending the pool season, however, we received some customers messages for wanting some suggestions on winterizing the above-ground swimming pool recently. Due to the end of the summer holiday, their children have all gone to school so many pool owners prepare to do some pool cleaning during this period of free time.

What’s more, if autumn comes, can winter be far behind? It means that you should consider beginning your maintaining job for an above-ground pool. Maybe on an autumn night, the temperatures precipitously drop and a layer of ice forms on the surface of the water. While this happened, the pool tiles or the waterline pool tiles can crack if they freeze along with the top layer of water and then they will increase your maintenance costs to be repaired. We have concluded three main points for you and wanna enjoy the pool for the next open season, you should put your plan on the agenda now.

Before starting this project, you should check again that have you got all the below necessary tools: Winterizing chemicals ( PH enhancer, Alkalinity enhancer, Calcium hardness enhancer, Pool chlorine shock treatment agent and the algaecide ), Above-ground pool skimmer cover, Expansion and Return line plugs, Above- ground pool winter covering, Useful cover winch and cable, Cover clips, Swimming pool antifreeze, Pool air pillows.


Utilizing a stretchable skimmer, clean remains from the bottom of the swimming pool and the water surface, just like fallen leaves, twigs and so on. Next, vacuum the pool with the professional above-ground electric vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean all the surfaces, particularly the sides and bottom. If you don’t clean it up now, all the dirty remains will be still there when you open the pool again and it will be even more hard to clear away. Moreover, you can use a brush to depurate those stubborn surfaces while the vacuum cleaner is no way to clean up.

What you do cleaning work now will prevent you from some potentially troublesome things when you reopen your pool next summer. Not only a sanitary swimming pool will make you much easier to appropriately balance your water, but also make sure that nothing is existing to feed mold and algae which might grow during your long closing season.


After finishing the cleaning job, don’t forget to test the water’s PH value and alkalinity levels and adjust it as needed. Although you have cleaned the pool up, if the water isn’t balanced at the close time, you will get a smelly, muddy green swamp pool. Therefore, you should not just throw the cover on the pool and hope for best, come next open season. Wanna know more about the algae, this article might help you: Let’s Talk About The Algae In Your Pool >>>

The first thing is adding a winter chemical kit for your above-ground pool, just follow the directions on the specification and you will be good to go. What calls for special attention is that some winter chemical kits needn’t run the filter while you adding them so you should double-check the specification and make certain which type of kit you use.

Don’t rush to adjust PH value if you haven’t adjusted the Alkalinity which is the measure of carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides, and other alkaline substances in the pool. Maybe you can imagine them as the PH value in the battle for balancing the water. The best alkalinity range is 100 to 150 ppm, which you can add some base like an alkalinity enhancer or baking soda into your pool to achieve this ideal value. Furthermore, as we knew that the PH of normal swimming pool should be between 7.4 and 7.6. If your pool water is acidic, adding a base to lower the value. Or if your pool water’s too basic, adding some PH enhancer to reach the ideal level. More details of maintaining pool chemical knowledge here: Helpful Tips for New Pool Owners: How to Maintain Water Chemistry Balance >>>

Finishing the chemical adjustment, you can run the pump at least one complete cycle. Not merely maintaining good water balance during the closing time, enhancing Winter algicide and chemical floaters to make sure that your pool water keeps clean and clear during the lengthy winter. Without abundant chemicals will lead to a tiring and expensive reopen clean-up.


Before you covering the swimming pool, you need to remove inlet fitting which is usually 6-inch to 12-inch below the waterline. Next, if you needn’t a skimmer plug that fits into the opening to block the water, what you should do is lowering the water level to between 4-inch to 6-inch below the skimmer.

Besides what mentioned above, installing a pool air pillow in the middle of the pool is necessary. It will increase the cover in the center to help keeping rain and meltwater away from the pool as well as also called ice compensator due to it have the ability to compensate the pressure pf the snow and ice on the top of cover and under the cover protects the pool sides of cover and the pool tiles from being damaged. Maybe you aren’t live in a cold area but you can use an air pillow to keep water and remain away to the side of the pool for the next season easy cleaning work.

The whole work is almost finished! Putting the air pillow and pool cover over the pool and ensure it by clamping down with cover winch and cable. The last step is removing the pump and filter equipment and taking them inside your house as possible. When the next opening season coming, you might need this post: You May Have To Retile Your Pool In Reopening Season >>>

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